Well very few folks has the potential to change the definition of traditional word in routine life and the word that i am talking here is ” Motorcycle” and one among them is Jack Watkins creator of M001 in collaboration with Moto Spec group , brings this changed definition before us.

The Watkins M001 is genuinely a gem with an enormous bit of mechanical complexity and uses more than hundreds of segments structured with CAD programming . The safeguards utilized on this interesting model originate from those mounted on the Moto Guzzi V7 Racer and adjusted for the reason, while, to the extent the casing is concerned , the planners have created it on a PC scale and afterward made of aluminum .Heart of the bike is BMW R 1100 RT engine .

The tank is 16 liters and has been incorporated just beneath the help of the back suspension, where it is covered by poly-carbonate wings that go about as back lights and tags. Pretty much every hand-made or altered piece on this bike was planned and made by Watkins with an end goal to make something really one of a kind – and I am certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that of comparable movement, judge on the off chance that it is great or awful, there are none such a large number around.


Watkins’ answers have been drawn from avionics and machine industry. To plan the cruiser, propelled PC structure and computation instruments just as 3D checking innovation were utilized. The numerical machines were utilized for most of the machines. The entire has been accurately fitted and collected.

The point of the venture was to build a machine which could be used in day to day commute with an extraordinary innovator style that disrupts the typical norms for the development of a cruiser. The course of action of the front suspension, edge and fuel tank makes Watkins a wonderful vehicle. The roomy tin development shrouds instruments, segments and frameworks that guarantee full usefulness of the cruiser.

What does Jack Watkins has to say on this great custom.

After all the riding position is comfortable, the engine is strong and reliable, the fuel tank is generous, brakes efficient, lighting road legal. Even the license plate holder is part of the global design. It is a very complex project with lots of attention to detail.

There are hundreds of hours behind the project in front of the computer to verify possibilities, check best solutions and try different arrangements. The critical components and mechanisms are carefully analysed to provide safety. The manufacturing process is fully covered with industrial documentation. Finally the high quality components are provided by professional suppliers.

Despite the crazy way the M001 looks it is road legal motorcycle that you can use every day and that magnetizes crowds. I am proud of this final result.

Well I think Jack has to bring this in production doesnt matter it could be in limited editions but he has to. Other wild customs are V8 Lexus Bike, Mortagua Figther

Source : Watkins

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