“Refined Raw” the two-word definition that aligns with DNA and Vision of Kawasaki as we take a look at Kawasaki’s latest edition of 2020 Z1000R looking at it one does always think of aggressive giant rolling.

  • Design: Design is inspired by Sugomi that defines the energy or aura that comes out from a person or object and felt by the viewer. Power, Command, Respect, and Boldness is how we see this bike.

  • The bike is made to give you a feel of exhilarating adrenaline that definitely should flow in your veins once you mount it.

  • The lean, muscular styling hints at the Z1000 R Edition is more direct, sporty street-riding performance. Skillfully built exhausts provide great mass-centralization to the bike.
  • Engine : 1,043 cm3 liquid-cooled, 4-stroke In-line Four. The powerful engine gives great pulling power. It gives a more direct response as the engine is made new.

  • Frame: The aluminum frame used in the bike is responsible to make the bike light as well it gives the bike the superior performance. 

  • The frame is a 5-piece cast aluminum construction, consisting of steering stem, left and right main frames, and two cross pieces.
  • The two main frame components have open C-shaped cross sections and were die-cast to ensure a smooth surface finish. 

  • Front: LED headlamps and the sleek cowl gives the bike razor-sharp and aggressive look.

  • Fuel Tank: Larger fuel tank of 17 liters meant more rides.

  • Brakes: Brembo brakes are responsible to halt the bike when required. The Brembo components featured are the best available for a mass-production model.

  • The high-precision operation delivers brake force linearly, contributing to superb controllability.

  • Suspension : Ohlins rear suspension priovides grear rider experience .

 Price: 1.44 million 6500 yen in Japan, Paint Schemes: Metallic Spark Black / Pearl Storm Gray / Emerald Blazing Green, Release date: Early November 2019, European specifications and photos * Prices include 10% consumption tax.

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