News : Is Honda building CB1100?

 News : Is Honda building CB1100?

With the pictures going viral we can easily predict that Honda has plan to bring CB1100. WIth the Euro 5 emission norms coming into place the scenario is going to be more stringent .

These images also show us the current model may not be different but there could be change in the technical components of the bike.

For engine the upper part looks same when compared to current model with double camshaft.The lower section of the engine is different the small clutch cover says that there could be change in transmission.

Frame is with simple upper tube and Exhaust are also new with tubes that are going from the right hand side of the bike.

Other than that to help solve the problem of engine overheating Honda is working where in the air can pass through the front of mudguard which is something innovative and furthermore it also helps to direct air through a vent that is been directed towards two cylinder making it stop to overheat.

New shock absorbers are substituted with double ones. However patent filing doesn’t mean we could see new model  however it will be good to see a new bike from Honda i.e also celebrating 50th Anniversary this year.

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Akash Dolas

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