There is more information on upcoming Kawasaki’s 2020 model of Z900RS.This information is for Japan.

  • The upcoming Z900RS will be unveiled on August 1 and 2020 the model is expected to be announced on July 16
  • As for the price, any color excluding tax 1.23 million yen
  • Z900RS will be coming in two paint schemes green and black.

The price of the Metallic spark black was 1.2 million yen after tax, but new black seems to be 1.23 million yen after tax. 
So there is little variation in the the price with the paint scheme over here.

And the best part is the current model is different from the model which is to be released for the Z900RS and CAFE.
Also as of now it is unclear as to what is going to happen to the 2020 model.


Source : Kawasaki

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