Yamaha Tracer 900 and its sister Tracer 900 GT ABS created as a model that can appreciate energetic and open to running from town to visiting are passed on to MT – 09 .It’s a quick tourer with a ground-breaking 3 chamber motor and a has lightweight aluminum outline.

Yamahas Tracer 900/Tracer 900 GT ABS with 2019 model included another shading “Blue Ish Gray Solid “. It organizes red as a complement dependent to make the energetic environment. Notwithstanding GT, we embraced the wheel which treated gold front fork and red stick stripe. It emerges the picture as a games tooling model more.

Concerning regular shading, matte dim metallic 6 (STD), dark metallic X and tangle dim expressive blue metallic 1 (both GT) are kept on being sold.


Tracer 900GT ABS (vehicle main body price 1,198,800 yen including tax) and tracer 900 (1,112,400 yen) will be released on March 1, 2019.

Tracer 900

Tracer 900 GT

Source : Yamaha

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