Max Biaggi & Voxan collaborate to break electric motorcycle landspeed record

 Max Biaggi & Voxan collaborate to break electric motorcycle landspeed record

Gildo Pastor, President of Venturi Automobiles is looking forward to set an new landspeed record with the help of electric motorcycle. Design and Build in Monaco.

The “Electric Motorcycles propelled by the action of one wheel in contact with the ground, partially streamlined, and would weigh under 300 kgs. Target is set to break the record of 330 Km/ H mark. In Summer of 2020. The pilot of this exceptional machine will be none other than Max Biaggi.

When he purchased VOXAN in 2010, Gildo PASTOR moved the brand into the electric portability section, similarly as he had finished with VENTURI in 2000. Following improvement of the on-street form, the VOXAN WATTMAN – the main ever electric cruiser “Made in Monaco” – was overhauled to make an elite rendition.

Planned by Sacha LAKIC, the machine will presently endeavor to set another world land speed record in the class “electric bikes pushed by the activity of one wheel in contact with the ground, in part streamlined, under 300 kg”, beating the 327.608 km/h accomplished in 2013 by Jim HOOGERHYDE riding a LIGHTNING SB220.

Made in Monaco by the group behind the VENTURI VFE-05 (the vehicle as of now contending in the 2018-2019 Formula E Championship), the VOXAN WATTMAN consolidates the automaker’s ability with that of Ohio State University (OSU), which was recently engaged with the effective VBB-3 world record endeavor (see underneath).

In the late spring of 2020, the VENTURI/VOXAN group will go to the well known Uyuni salt level in Bolivia, offering to top the 330 km/h mark. The endeavor will give a fitting festival to VENTURI Automobiles’ twentieth commemoration as a constructor of electric vehicles.

Source : Venturi

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