As of late numerous applications have been documented.

“The present development gives an inner combustion engine that does not require a different segment, for example, it can adequately smother the fluid dimension variance of the greasing up oil in the oil tank chamber.”

An inward combustion motor that has an oil entry through which the greasing up oil released from the feed siphon passes and an oil section through which the greasing up oil sucked into the rummaging siphon passes, while decreasing the heaviness of the divider isolating them and in this way lessening the general weight .”


“Gives an inner engine combustion engine equipped for infusing greasing up oil to the in-skirt locale and the out-skirt district with less spouts. Inside ignition motor equipped for decreasing its weight and cost without utilizing a different breather plate as in the earlier workmanship. Also interior ignition motor equipped for recouping greasing up oil contained in blow by gas effectively with restricted volume.”

The patent that is documented under the name of inward burning motor resembles this. The application chart for September 2017 is the typical Indian bike.

The innovator is Japanese. There was a figure of this zone in the last time, however … like this, there was another solid figure of the substance. Framework graph of the oil structure. Coincidentally, in the patent gathering this time, “The motor 11 is oil-cooled.”

Various other patents are filed under various names like Zixer 250, Dixar 250.

  • Oil-cooled single barrel
  • SOHC
  • Dry sump
  • Balancer
  • Most likely 250cc
  • Most likely Indian generation

To the extent the motor is concerned, it appears as though you will have to think about the above points.

Since numerous licenses are recorded consistently all the time, I feel that this oil-cooled motor bike (Zixer 250) is going to be available soon

When will it get unveiled ? Its other name was Zixar 250 as was reported in January 2019 and rumored in India.

Source : USPTO

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