2021 Honda CB350RS

Honda has launched the new CB350RS which walks on the footprint of earlier launched sibling CB350 or H’ness.

Let’s take a closer look.

Design and Style

With a massive sporty design and aggressive styling, the motorcycle has taken the classic styling and added a modern twist.


Truly elegant and contemporary, the design calls out for those looking for a motorcycle to live their story in style.

The beautiful dual-tone fuel tank sports the Honda badge, a perfect blend of the CB legacy and futuristic design. The pin-striping adds yet another dimension to this aesthetically crafted fuel tank on the Honda CB350RS.


The 7 Y-shaped front alloy wheel not only lends the motorcycle a distinctive look seen on modern roadsters but also makes it clear that it is ready to lead you through the twists and turns of your story in style.


The headlamp is accentuated with a ring, to amp up the style quotient of the motorcycle.

WITH CHROME Every story is unique and so is this motorcycle, with the intelligent use of chrome on the rear-view mirrors that makes sure that heads will always turn when you pass.

Exclusively designed round-shaped LED Headlamp, further complimented by eye-shaped LED winkers, makes sure that you get around in style.

The under-seat whole LED tail lamp stands out both on the elegance and the placement front. Adding yet another touch of class and genuinely lighting up your story.

Even the most minor parts of this motorcycle come designed, keeping in mind the sporty nature. And the grab rail is no separate, in sync with the overall appeal of a modern roadster.

Stories only get better with the company, and this rear footrest with muffler heat protector gives added protection.

A comfortable seat is of the utmost importance to have on your story, and the tuck and roll design is exactly what you need. And it provides superior cushioning to make your daily rides immensely smooth and comfortable.

The riding position is crucial for every chapter of your story. Keeping that in mind, the Honda CB350RS has an aggressive yet comfortable riding stance.

The sporty front and rear fender make the motorcycle lighter, while the smoked black finish maintains the sporty look imbibed into its design.

The Fork Boots on the Front Suspension lends a genuinely rugged look to the motorcycle going with the modern roadster look.

The skid plate provides extra protection for the engine as you effortlessly ride through your story.


It is impossible to decide where your story would take you, but how you get there is up to you. The new 350 cc Air Cooled, 4 Stroke OHC single-cylinder engine from Honda comes in.

And it again provides smooth acceleration without vibration across the rpm band, ensuring a smooth ride wherever your destination is.

Whichever gear your story needs to run on, the assist and slipper clutch helps you shift seamlessly. The assist function makes sure that the clutch lever has a lesser load.

And the slipper function reduces unpleasant shocks caused by sudden engine braking when downshifting. It ensures less fatigue and more comfort during a variety of rides that involve frequent shifting.

Honda CB350RS uses a weight added to the main shaft located in the cylinder’s rear to balance it.

And mass with the balancer shaft situated on the front of the cylinder to eliminate vibrations.


The exhaust system carries an oversized tailpipe of 45mm to optimise balance with muffler capacity, producing a bold low-pitched sound.

A single one-chamber structure is adopted in the expansion chamber, which gives sharpness to the exhaust’s sound. It emits a rich exhaust note with a lot of thumps.

The muffler looks stunning in a Smoked Black colour with chrome accents. Which are on a double-layer structure to ensure prevention from thermal discolouration. And provides a long life to the overall visual appeal of the motorcycle.

Stay in control no matter where your story takes you, with the Dual Channel ABS on this motorcycle.

It prevents wheels from locking up when brakes are applied in an emergency or on slippery roads. Helping you keep the motorcycle in control at all times.

The Honda CB350RS comes equipped with a first-in-segment torque control system that supports the mitigation of rear-wheel slip caused by abrupt throttle grip operations, providing you with a sense of security while riding in different conditions. There is also an option to turn the system off with a simple button.

The new model comes in two colours. 

  • Black with sports yellow and
  • Radiant red metallic
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