Honda CR Electric Prototype: A New Era of Motocross Begins

Top key points of the Honda CR Electric prototype dirt bike:

  • Honda Racing Corporation will be taking the CR Electric prototype to round eight of the D.I.D. All Japan Motocross Championship on October 28 and 29, 2023.
  • This is the first competition outing for the CR Electric prototype and Honda’s first time entering an electric motorbike developed in-house in any type of formal competition.
  • The CR Electric prototype will be ridden by Trey Canard, a former AMA Pro Motocross champion.
  • Honda has not released any technical specifications for the CR Electric prototype, but it is clear that the bike is capable of producing significant power and torque.
  • The Honda CR Electric prototype dirt bike is a significant step forward for Honda’s electric motorcycle program and for the electric motorcycle industry as a whole.

Tokyo Motorcycle Show

In 2019, Honda unveiled the intriguing CR Electric dirt bike prototype at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show. Back then, it was merely a prototype, and Honda had the option to reveal as much or as little information about it as it wished. While onlookers could easily spot components such as the Showa front fork, Nissin brakes, and Dunlop tires, all the crucial powertrain details of the CR Electric remained shrouded in mystery.

CR Electric prototype

Fast forward to 2023, and Honda is now gearing up to put the CR Electric prototype to the test. More precisely, the Honda Racing Corporation is set to take the CR Electric prototype to round eight of the D.I.D. All Japan Motocross Championship, officially known as the Saitama Toyopet Cup. The event will unfold at Offroad Village Saitama on October 28 and 29, 2023.

This marks not only the prototype’s debut in competition but also a significant milestone for Honda. It’s the first time the company is entering an electric motorbike developed in-house into any formal competition. This move carries substantial significance, particularly as Honda and other manufacturers are actively working to reduce their carbon footprints across their current and upcoming product lines.


Now, the burning question on most people’s minds is, who will be piloting the CR Electric prototype as the wildcard entry at this MX event? The answer: Trey Canard, a prominent figure currently serving as a team advisor at American Honda and the 2010 AMA Pro Motocross 250 champion.

MX Machine

Much like in 2019, Honda has chosen to keep a tight lid on the technical specifications of this bike. Despite the four-year gap, and undoubtedly some changes made since its prototype debut, the CR Electric still remains in the prototype category. We can only speculate about what the powertrain holds and what to expect from this electric MX machine.

For now, we must content ourselves with the knowledge that Honda’s electric MX program is alive and well, currently in the testing phase, and the MX wildcard entry serves as part of their data-gathering efforts. As more details emerge, we will continue to provide you with updates. Stay tuned for further developments in Honda’s electric motocross journey.

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