Honda turned the motorcycling scene on its ear with the presentation of its Dual Clutch Transmission. First introduced on the VFR1200F and VFR1200X in 2010, the DCT is basically a two-section gearbox kept running by two separate grips. One area contains first, third, and fifth riggings while alternate contains second, fourth, and 6th.

At the point when actuated by the rider, the bicycle’s PC utilizes water powered strain to switch among grips and rigging’s with no slack or power misfortune between shifts.Perfect enough, beyond any doubt, however since the presentation of the DCT Honda hasn’t precisely gone insane slapping it into each bicycle it makes.

That is to a great extent because of the way that the DCT adds additional weight and intricacy to a bicycle, which thus builds a bicycle’s expense. After its presentation in the huge VFRs, Honda put the DCT into the NC700 line, the CTX700 and 700N, and, obviously, into the Africa Twin.


In 2018 the DCT hit the big deal when it was introduced in the trusty Gold Wing, a cruiser just as cutting edge and intricate as the Millennium Falcon. Presently it would seem that Honda has additionally anticipates the DCT, as some patent information we uncovered demonstrates the trap transmission fitted to one of Team Red’s enormous cruisers—The VTX1300 Fury.

Source: US Patent and Trademark Office

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