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Honda’s decision to drop the suffix from Activa’s name could be part of a larger rebranding strategy. The move could signify a shift in the company’s focus towards electric scooters, which are becoming increasingly popular in India due to rising fuel costs and environmental concerns.

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Honda is looking to simplify its branding and marketing strategy. By removing the generational suffix, Honda creates a more streamlined and consistent naming convention for its scooters.


By dropping the generation-specific suffix, Honda may indicate that the Activa will no longer be limited to a particular generation or model but will become a more versatile and adaptable brand that can evolve with changing market demands. 

This position Activa as a more flexible and future-oriented offering capable of accommodating new technologies and trends.


By dropping the generational suffix, Honda may be signalling a departure from the traditional product lifecycle approach of launching successive generations of the same model.

Instead, Honda could position Activa as a more timeless, iconic brand that transcends generational iterations. This could help Honda create a stronger brand identity and establish Activa as a market leader in the scooter segment, even as it prepares to introduce new electric models.

Honda has not yet revealed any details about its upcoming electric scooter, but the company has hinted that it will be aimed at urban commuters and offer a range of around 100 km on a single charge. The electric scooter is expected to debut in India shortly, and it will be interesting to see how Honda positions it alongside the Activa brand.


The Indian two-wheeler market is currently dominated by gasoline-powered scooters, and the shift to electric mobility is still in its early stages. However, with rising concerns over air pollution and the government’s push to promote electric vehicles, there is significant potential for growth in the electric scooter segment in India. 

By repositioning Activa as a more timeless, iconic brand, Honda may be better equipped to compete in this emerging market.

Source: Honda and Rideapart

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