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2024 Honda CB1000 Hornet and 2024 Honda CB500 Hornet

The introduction of the 2024 Honda Hornet lineup marks a significant evolution of this iconic nameplate, signalling Honda’s commitment to offering a diverse range of motorcycles that cater to different riding styles and preferences. The range’s expansion sees the inclusion of the high-powered Honda CB1000 Hornet and the more accessible Honda CB500 Hornet, both designed to uphold the legacy of the Hornet brand while addressing the demands of today’s riders.

The 2024 Honda CB1000 Hornet is a testament to Honda’s prowess in crafting high-performance motorcycles, promising riders a thrilling experience with its aggressive, streetfighter-inspired styling and potent powerplant borrowed from the revered Fireblade. It’s designed for enthusiasts seeking a raw and exhilarating ride without compromising on modern technology and design.

Fireblade engine

Conversely, the 2024 Honda CB500 Hornet emerges as a smart choice for those venturing into the world of two-wheeled transport or for seasoned riders seeking a practical yet fun mid-range bike. With its efficient parallel-twin engine and a suite of technological updates, this model retains the spirited essence of the Hornet range in a more manageable and economical package.


With these introductions, Honda continues to sharpen its edge in the competitive motorcycle market, offering riders around the world the reliability of the Honda brand fused with the latest in motorcycle technology and performance. Whether it’s the sheer excitement of the CB1000 Hornet or the balanced versatility of the CB500 Hornet, this range expansion promises something for every rider, reaffirming Honda’s place at the forefront of the motorcycle industry.

Honda is expanding its Hornet range with two new models for 2024: the CB1000 Hornet and CB500 Hornet.

  • The CB1000 Hornet is powered by an inline four-cylinder engine from the 2017 Honda CBR1000R Fireblade and produces 148bhp and 74 lb-ft of torque.
  • The CB500 Hornet is powered by a parallel twin-cylinder engine that produces 47bhp and 32 lb-ft of torque.
  • Both bikes have aggressive styling and feature dual LED headlights, a swept-forward tank design, and a blacked-out frame.
  • The CB1000 Hornet will be available in three colors: Grand Prix Red, Mat Iridium Gray Metallic, and Pearl Glare White.
  • The CB500 Hornet will be available in three colours: Matt Gunpowder Black Metallic, Grand Prix Red, and Pearl Himalayas White.
  • Pricing and availability for the CB1000 Hornet have not yet been announced.
  • The CB500 Hornet will be priced at £6,199 in the UK.

High-performance motorcycle

The 2024 Honda CB1000 Hornet seems to be targeting riders looking for a powerful and aggressive streetfighter. With its 148bhp and 74lb ft of torque from an inline four-cylinder engine derived from the 2017 Fireblade, this bike is likely to offer exhilarating performance. Its new aluminium frame and tubular steel subframe, along with the modern, aggressive styling, position it as a strong contender in the litre-class naked segment.

Middleweight motorcycle

On the other end, the 2024 Honda CB500 Hornet caters to those who prefer a more manageable, yet equally stylish machine. The 471cc parallel twin-cylinder engine, providing 47bhp and 32lb ft of torque, makes it a great option for A2 license holders and those looking for a balance between performance and practicality. The restyling to align with the Hornet look, and the addition of features such as the Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) and connectivity to the Honda RoadSync app, boost its appeal as a mid-range offering.

Honda has not only updated the Hornet line but also revitalized their supersport segment with refreshed versions of the Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade and the return of the CBR600RR to Europe, indicating a robust approach to meeting various market demands.

Aggressive styling and A2 license compliant

The 2024 CB500 Hornet’s pricing in the UK at £6,199, along with the availability of accessory packs and individual accessories, shows that Honda is aiming to provide a customizable experience to riders, allowing them to tailor the motorcycle to their specific needs, whether it be for style, comfort, or travel.

As for the CB1000 Hornet, while pricing and full specifications weren’t announced at the time of the information provided, the colour options and design details suggest it will be a premium offering in Honda’s lineup.

Here are some potential pros and cons for the 2024 Honda CB1000 Hornet and the 2024 Honda CB500 Hornet.

2024 Honda CB1000 Hornet


  • Performance: With the inline four-cylinder engine from the Fireblade, the CB1000 Hornet will offer powerful performance and could be quite thrilling to ride.
  • Design: Aggressive, modern styling that takes cues from the Ducati Streetfighter could make it visually appealing to many riders.
  • Frame: A new aluminium frame and steel subframe may provide a strong and lightweight structure that could enhance handling.
  • Technology: Features like LED headlights and a TFT display for connectivity and control offer a modern riding experience.


  • Price: While the price hasn’t been announced, the use of a Fireblade engine and the new frame technology might make it relatively expensive.
  • Fuel Economy: The powerful engine might result in lower fuel economy, which could be a con for those concerned about running costs.
  • Weight: With more powerful components, the bike might be on the heavier side, potentially making it less manageable in city traffic.

2024 Honda CB500 Hornet


  • Accessibility: With a 471cc engine, it’s an accessible middleweight bike, suitable for a wide range of riders, including those with A2 licenses.
  • Economy: The smaller engine will likely offer better fuel economy, making it a more economical choice.
  • Style: It shares the aggressive look of its larger counterpart, which might attract those who desire the aesthetics of a more powerful bike without the associated costs.
  • Technology: Updates such as HSTC and ECU tweaks for better acceleration, as well as the option for connectivity, give it a modern tech edge.


  • Performance: While 47bhp is suitable for many riders, some may find it lacking, especially when looking for more thrilling performance.
  • Name Change: As a rebranded CB500F, some may not see enough “new” in it beyond styling and technological updates.
  • Upgrades Needed: Riders looking for additional features might need to invest in the accessory packs, increasing the overall cost.

Both bikes represent Honda’s commitment to offering a range of motorcycles that cater to different preferences and riding styles. Prospective buyers should weigh these pros and cons against their personal requirements and expectations from a motorcycle. Additionally, reviews and test rides will provide further insights into the real-world performance and characteristics of these models once they are available.


Honda’s expansion of the Hornet range with the CB1000 Hornet and CB500 Hornet for 2024 exemplifies the company’s dedication to diversifying its lineup and catering to a broad spectrum of riders. The CB1000 Hornet appeals to those seeking high performance and aggressive styling in the naked bike segment, while the CB500 Hornet serves as an accessible, versatile, and economically sensible option for both new and experienced riders.

Prospective customers of the CB1000 Hornet can look forward to a potent blend of performance derived from the Fireblade’s engine, housed in a new, possibly agile frame, wrapped in a cutting-edge design. Conversely, the CB500 Hornet is set to offer practicality and ease of use, with enough stylistic and technological updates to make it a fresh offering in the mid-range category.

However, considerations such as the price of the CB1000 Hornet and whether the CB500 Hornet offers enough of an upgrade from its CB500F roots will be pivotal for buyers. Ultimately, the success of these models will hinge on individual riders’ preferences, expectations, and the motorcycles’ performance in real-world conditions. Both bikes underscore Honda’s strategy to maintain a stronghold in the competitive global motorcycle market by updating classic lines and introducing bikes that resonate with contemporary consumer desires.

Specifications 2024 Honda CB500 Hornet

TypeLiquid-cooled 4 stroke, parallel twin
No of Valves per Cylinder4
Bore & Stroke67mm x 66.8mm
Compression Ratio10.7: 1
Max. Power Output35kW @ 8600rpm
Max. Torque43Nm @ 6500rpm
Noise Level (dB)L-urban 74.8dB L-wot 77.7dB
Oil Capacity3.2L
CarburationPGM FI electronic fuel injection
Fuel Tank Capacity17.1L (inc reserve)
CO2 Emissions (WMTC)80 g/km
Fuel Consumption (WMTC)3.5L/100km (28.6km/litre)
Battery Capacity12V 7.4AH
ACG Output23.4A/2000rpm
Clutch TypeWet multiplate, Assisted slipper clutch
Transmission Type6 speed
Final DriveChain
TypeSteel diamond
Dimensions (L´W´H)2080mm x 800mm x 1060mm
Caster Angle25.5 degrees
Seat Height785mm
Ground Clearance145mm
Kerb Weight188kg
Type FrontShowa 41mm SFF-BP USD forks, 
Type RearProlink mono with 5 stage pre-load adjuster, Steel hollow cross swingarm
Type Front5Y-Spoke Cast Aluminium
Type Rear5Y-Spoke Cast Aluminium
Rim Size Front17 x MT3.5
Rim Size Rear17 x MT4.5
Tyres Front120/70ZR17M/C (58W)
Tyres Rear160/60ZR17M/C (69W)
ABS System Type2-channel
Type FrontDual 296mm x 4mm disc with Nissin radial-mount four piston calipers
Type RearSingle 240mm x 5mm disc with single piston caliper
Instruments5in TFT Meter with Speedometer, Bar Graph Tachometer, Dual Trip Meters, Fuel Level and Consumption Gauge, Clock, Water Temp, Gear position, Shift UP Indicator
Security SystemHISS (Honda Intelligent Security System)
Additional FeaturesESS and Honda RoadSync

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