IAA MOBILITY 2023 welcomed thousands of visitors last week, and we had the opportunity to showcase our newest offerings. From the moment the gates opened, the energy and excitement filled the air.

Top Key Points 

  • The company had a successful IAA MOBILITY, showcasing their new Battery and Powertrain components and software solutions to existing and prospective clients.
  • They are grateful to everyone who visited their stand and look forward to continuing the conversation with them.
  • If you missed the show, you can still reach out to them to learn more about their product portfolio.
  • Their sister company Rimac Automobili is continuing to exhibit until Sunday 10 September in central Munich at the IAA Open Space.


On day one, we unveiled our latest Battery and Powertrain components. The audience watched in awe as we demonstrated their capabilities. Our engineers designed these components with the future in mind, and their hard work clearly paid off. Attendees asked insightful questions, showing genuine interest in our innovative solutions.

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Our software solutions also garnered significant attention. We walked visitors through the intricacies of our programs, highlighting their seamless integration with modern vehicles. Many clients expressed their interest in adopting our solutions for their upcoming projects.

Rimac Automobili

Throughout the event, Rimac Automobili, our sister company, drew large crowds with their exhibition. Their stand in central Munich became a must-visit spot for anyone passionate about automotive advancements.

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As the event wrapped up, we felt a sense of accomplishment. We engaged with numerous prospective clients and strengthened our bonds with existing ones. The feedback we receive will undoubtedly shape our future innovations.

If you missed us at IAA MOBILITY, don’t fret! Reach out, and we’ll gladly walk you through what we presented.

Thank you, IAA MOBILITY, for hosting such an incredible event. We look forward to the possibilities the future holds!


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