Tesla introduced an updated Referral Program, unveiling a compelling addition: an invitation to the Cybertruck Delivery Event. In an official email sent on Wednesday, Tesla began notifying its customers about this new perk. The news quickly spread across social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter, thanks to enthusiastic Tesla owners.

Referral Program

The Cybertruck Delivery Event, anticipated to occur towards the year’s end in Austin, Texas, has garnered immense attention from Tesla owners, investors, enthusiasts, and influencers. However, Elon Musk refrained from providing a specific schedule due to ongoing production challenges.

Limited Invitations

To ensure a comfortable experience, Tesla limited the invitations to the event based on Giga Texas’s capacity. This approach aims to avoid the situation from last year’s Cyber Rodeo event, where some fans were unfortunately left out due to space constraints.


Referral Credits

Invitations to the Cybertruck Delivery Event are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. The eligibility criterion involves earning more Referral Credits and promptly claiming the invitation using the Tesla Mobile App. Notably, invitees have the privilege of bringing a companion, either a friend or family member (+1).

Tesla has reserved separate invitations for prominent journalists, investors, and social media influencers. These distinguished guests will be exempt from the Referral Program queue, acknowledging their influential roles.


The coveted invitation is attainable by accumulating 30,000 Tesla Referral Program credits in the customer’s Tesla Account. These credits are earned by referring others to purchase Tesla vehicles. For instance, referring to the sale of a Model S or X yields 20,000 credits, while a Model 3 or Y garners 10,000 credits. Alternatively, three successful referrals of Model Y/3 vehicles also fulfil the credit requirement.


Marking a recent update, Tesla revamped its Referral Program with a fresh credit system. By recommending friends and family to buy Tesla vehicles or energy products, owners amass credit points that can be redeemed for various rewards, including Tesla products or free Supercharging.

Prospective attendees should note that the Cybertruck Delivery Event invitations are limited to one per Tesla Account. All attendees must be at least 18 years old, undergo security screening for admission, and adhere to the event’s terms and conditions.\


The invitation to the Cybertruck Delivery Event serves as an enticing incentive within Tesla’s Referral Program, offering customers a chance to participate in the eagerly anticipated event showcasing the groundbreaking Cybertruck.


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