Automobili Pininfarina is proud to give new life to materials that might normally end up discarded. Working with our partners and inspired by Italian sartorial tradition we have developed a luxury textile made from 30% responsibly sourced wool and 70% recycled polyester.

The methods employed for our wool production guarantee animal and human welfare across the supply chain, while the raw material for our sewing thread is obtained from recycled PET bottles. 


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Sustainability Meets Italian Luxury: A Revolution in Textile Production


At Pininfarina, we intertwine true luxury with ethical responsibility. Drawing inspiration from the deep-rooted Italian sartorial tradition, we proudly present a textile that seamlessly marries tradition and innovation, style, and responsibility.

Our Unique Blend

Our signature textile stands as a beacon of our commitment:

1.30% Responsibly Sourced Wool – We source our wool directly from farms and producers who prioritize quality and uphold humane treatment standards. This ensures every wool strand we use actively promotes human rights, labour standards, environmental protection, and anti-corruption measures.

2.70% Recycled Polyester  – We transform used PET bottles into our polyester, not relying on virgin materials. This gives discarded plastic a second, purposeful life.

Craftsmanship with a Conscience

We use a premium continuous filament made of 100% recycled polyester for our sewing threads. Whether it’s the soft trim elements of our Show car or the intricate details of our garments, these threads emphasize uncompromised luxury.

Benefits of our Approach

1. Environmentally Responsible: We reduce our carbon footprint by recycling PET bottles and sourcing wool responsibly, ensuring we divert as many materials from landfills as possible.

2. Ethical Production: We commit to human rights, labour, and environmental standards, letting our patrons wear our creations with pride, and the knowledge that they’re contributing to positive change.

3. Unmatched Quality: We uphold Italian sartorial traditions to ensure top-tier quality and finish in all our products.

4. A Story to Wear: Every garment we produce serves not just as a fashion statement but also as a testament to a better, more sustainable future.


At Pininfarina, we redefine true luxury. We breathe new life into materials and maintain the highest ethical production standards, offering a stylish yet sustainable future vision. Join our journey, where every stitch we make tells a story of transformation and hope.


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