Honda to release GB350 in Japan.

Honda announced its release of the brand-new sports model of GB350 and GB350S, which releases on April 22nd and July 15th in Japan, respectively. 


To be a reliable presence that enhances and supports the rider’s presence. “GB” was designed in pursuit of a sense of unity between people and motorcycles. 


The position of the rider’s head and the triangular silhouette drawn at the centre of the front and rear wheels intersect with the horizontal lines flowing from the tank to the seat, giving a stable appearance. 

The space around the front and rear tires and cylinders emphasise the tank’s warm shape, side covers. And the metal’s expressive parts, realising a lyrical styling while giving inflexion. 

The body and the power unit of the bike come fully redesigned. The development concept of GB350 is “From everyday life to outing.

The Honda Basic Roadster” Honda claims the motorcycles’ primary objective is to help the rider experience a calm and comfortable riding feel.

The specifications of the bike are pretty impressive. A large diameter disc brake is used in the front and rear brakes, while ABS control is standard. 

The handlebars set closer to the body naturally raise the upper body for a relaxed riding position.

It makes it easier to keep an eye on the surrounding conditions, even in crowded urban areas, leading to improved manoeuvrability. 

Besides, the seat’s height, the step position, the distance between the front and rear tires, etc., Are all considered with the rider at the centre, and we are pursuing ease of driving and a feeling of relaxation. 

GB350 and 350S

The GB350 S has a slightly forward-leaning riding position matches the sportier character and gives the image of a more aggressive ride.

The GB350 uses gravity mould casting (GDC) made of aluminium for the front and rear wheels, which are 19 and 18 inches, respectively. 


Power Specs

The power unit comes equipped with an air-cooled 4-stroke OHC single-cylinder 348cc engine that produces a maximum of 20ps. And a maximum torque of 29Nm. Specifications of each part include

  • A long stroke with an inner diameter of 70 mm and a stroke of 90.5 mm,
  • Adopting a large flywheel, and
  • Wide radio transmission. 

The bike also comes equipped with the all-helpful Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC). The HSTC is an electronically controlled technology that helps in supporting the rider.

The torque of the engine in the bike comes controlled according to the road surface area conditions.

It majorly helps prevent the rear wheel’s slip, caused mainly by the rider’s throttle operation. 

The GB350 contains an assistant slipper clutch that reduces lever operating load. And alleviates the unpleasant shock caused by sudden engine braking when downshifting. 

The front and rear lamps are all power savings and long-life LEDs. 

As a few exterior specifications are, the colour scheme of the Honda GB350 comes in 3 variants. Matte Jeans Blue Metallic, Candy Chromosphere Red, and Matte Pearl Morion Black. 

The price of the motorcycle costs 550,000 yen which is approximately 3,64,359.42 Indian Rupees.

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