Key Points

  • Indonesia is the third-largest motorcycle market in the world, and there’s a growing demand for more sustainable mobility.
  • Maka Motors is a home-grown electric motorcycle company that plans to cater to the specific needs of Indonesian commuters.
  • The company plans to develop and manufacture electric two-wheelers with longer-lasting batteries and more utilitarian features.
  • Maka Motors has raised $37 million in funding, and they plan to use this money to construct a new facility and develop new electric motorcycles.
  • The company is open to expansion, so chances are we’ll soon be seeing and hearing a lot more from them.


Growth in Asia

It’s exciting to see the growth of the electric motorcycle industry in Asia, particularly in countries like India and Indonesia where there is a high demand for affordable and practical personal mobility options. Maka Motors seems to be well-positioned to tap into this growing market by focusing on the specific needs of Indonesian commuters.

Their approach of developing electric motorcycles with longer-lasting batteries and a utilitarian platform that can accommodate cargo and passengers makes a lot of sense, considering the unique transportation requirements in Indonesia.



With the government’s incentives for electric vehicle manufacturing and Indonesia’s rich nickel resources, Maka Motors has a promising opportunity to contribute to the country’s sustainable mobility goals.

The shift from ride-hailing to electric vehicle development by the founders of Maka Motors, who were previously executives at Gojek, shows how entrepreneurs are adapting to the changing landscape and the increasing importance of electric vehicles in the region.


Maka Motors

The investment from South Korean and Singaporean companies, as well as their plans to set up production in Cikarang, demonstrates a strong commitment to realizing their vision. If Maka Motors successfully delivers on its plans, it could play a significant role in shaping the future of electric mobility not only in Indonesia but also in other parts of Asia and beyond.

As with any emerging industry, it will be interesting to watch how Maka Motors evolves and contributes to the ongoing transformation of transportation in the region. Their focus on practicality, utility, and affordability aligns well with the needs of many consumers, and their success could potentially inspire further innovations and developments in the electric motorcycle sector.


Maka Motors is a promising new company that could make a big impact on the electric motorcycle market in Indonesia. The company’s focus on developing motorcycles that meet the specific needs of Indonesian commuters is a smart move, and their plans to manufacture vehicles with longer-lasting batteries and more utilitarian features could be a major selling point. With $37 million in funding, Maka Motors has the resources to make its vision a reality, and I’m excited to see what they come up with.

Nikkei Asia, Maka Motors

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