Inside the New Lamborghini Huracán STO SC 10°

The Lamborghini Huracán STO SC 10° Anniversario is a remarkable milestone in the evolution of high-performance cars, blending motorsport technology and road car functionality in a seamless and sophisticated manner.

Squadra Corse Heritage

Key points of the Lamborghini Huracán STO SC 10° Anniversario:

  • A one-of-a-kind Ad Personam Opera Unica
  • Celebrates 10 years of Lamborghini Squadra Corse
  • SC63-inspired livery
  • Original performance kit developed by Squadra Corse engineers
  • Two-tone livery of Verde Mantis green and Nero Noctis black
  • Full carbon fibre package with a Rosso Mars red stripe
  • Nero Ade black Alcantara sport seats with Verde Fauns green stitching
  • Four-point seat belts
  • Aluminum roll bar
  • Carbon fibre floor covering
  • Unique carbon fibre plaque on the rear firewall
  • New front carbon fibre flicks
  • Rear wing with an angle three degrees higher than the production model
  • Four-way adjustable racing-derived shock absorbers
  • New tires developed in collaboration with Bridgestone
  • Akrapovic titanium exhaust system
  • Limited production of one car

Performance Kit

This car is a tribute to Lamborghini’s racing division, Squadra Corse, and its ten years of successful participation in the motorsports arena. The integration of racing elements into a road-legal vehicle is not just about enhancing performance; it’s a statement about the technological prowess and innovative spirit of Lamborghini.

The choice of the Verde Mantis and Nero Noctis colour scheme, inspired by the Lamborghini SC63, is not only aesthetically striking but also carries a significant symbolic value, representing the link between Lamborghini’s future in endurance racing and its current road cars. The tricolour band adds a touch of Italian heritage, while the Squadra Corse logos underscore the car’s racing DNA.


Aerodynamic Optimization

The full carbon fibre package with the Rosso Mars stripe takes the visual appeal to another level, offering a sportier and more aggressive look that matches the car’s enhanced performance capabilities. This external styling is matched by a race-focused interior, with sports seats designed for track use, four-point seat belts, and a protective aluminium roll bar, ensuring both comfort and safety.

The car’s performance upgrades are particularly noteworthy. The Squadra Corse-engineered performance kit is a testament to a decade of racing experience, showcasing advancements in aerodynamics and mechanical grip. The new front carbon fibre flicks and the rear wing adjustment increase downforce, crucial for stability and handling at high speeds. The four-way adjustable shock absorbers, developed from racing expertise, offer enhanced control and responsiveness. The collaboration with Bridgestone for specialized tires demonstrates Lamborghini’s commitment to excellence and precision, ensuring that the car delivers top-notch performance on the track.

Exclusive Livery

Finally, the Akrapovic titanium exhaust system not only enhances performance but also ensures that the Huracán STO SC 10° Anniversario sounds as exhilarating as it drives, embodying the spirit and passion of Lamborghini.

Track-Focused Interior

The Lamborghini Huracán STO SC 10° Anniversario represents a significant achievement in blending motorsport technology with road-legal car functionality. Here’s a key analysis of its most notable features:

  • Tribute to Motorsport Heritage: This model celebrates a decade of Squadra Corse, Lamborghini’s racing division. It embodies the transfer of technology and experience from the racetrack to the road, underlining the brand’s commitment to high performance and engineering excellence.
  • Exclusive Design and Livery: The Verde Mantis and Nero Noctis colour scheme, inspired by the SC63 racing prototype, symbolizes the connection between Lamborghini’s racing future and its current road offerings. The tricolour band and the Rosso Mars stripe in the carbon fibre package give it a distinct and sporty appearance, while the “Squadra Corse 10° Anniversario” logo emphasizes its exclusive nature.
  • Performance-Focused Enhancements: The car features a performance kit designed by Squadra Corse, which includes optimized aerodynamics with new carbon fibre front flicks and a modified rear wing. This results in increased downforce, crucial for enhanced stability and handling at high speeds.
  • Advanced Suspension System: The replacement of standard active components with racing-derived, four-way adjustable shock absorbers significantly improves the car’s mechanical grip, demonstrating a clear focus on track performance.
  • Specialized Tires: The collaboration with Bridgestone to develop a new tire compound underscores Lamborghini’s commitment to precision and peak performance, ensuring the car delivers optimal handling and durability on the track.
  • Race-Inspired Interior: The interior is designed for track use, with sport seats, four-point seat belts, an aluminium roll bar, and carbon fibre elements. This not only enhances the car’s sporty feel but also prioritizes safety and functionality in a high-performance driving environment.
  • Acoustic Enhancement: The Akrapovic titanium exhaust system not only improves the car’s performance but also enhances the auditory experience, staying true to Lamborghini’s reputation for producing cars with exhilarating sound profiles.
  • Limited and Unique Offering: As an “Opera Unica,” this model is not just a car but a collector’s item, symbolizing exclusivity and the pinnacle of Lamborghini’s design and engineering capabilities.

Bridgestone Collaboration

The Lamborghini Huracán STO SC 10° Anniversario, like any high-performance vehicle, comes with its set of pros and cons. Here’s an analysis:


  • Advanced Aerodynamics: The car’s aerodynamic enhancements, like the new carbon fiber flicks and adjusted rear wing, greatly improve downforce, offering better stability and handling at high speeds.
  • Racing-Derived Technology: With technology and features developed from a decade of experience in motorsport, the car promises exceptional performance on the track.
  • Exclusive Design: The unique Verde Mantis and Nero Noctis livery, inspired by the SC63 prototype, along with the carbon fiber enhancements and Rosso Mars stripe, make it visually striking and distinctive.
  • High-Quality Interior: The track-focused interior, with sport seats, Alcantara upholstery, and carbon fiber elements, offers both comfort and a high-performance ambiance.
  • Improved Mechanical Grip: The replacement of standard components with four-way adjustable shock absorbers derived from racing significantly enhances the car’s handling and grip.
  • Unique Collaboration with Bridgestone: The specialized tires developed in collaboration with Bridgestone ensure top-tier performance and durability on the track.
  • Enhanced Acoustics: The Akrapovic titanium exhaust system not only boosts performance but also enhances the auditory experience, a key aspect of the Lamborghini driving experience.
  • Limited Edition Status: As a limited edition, it’s not just a vehicle but also a collector’s item, holding potential future value.


  • Limited Practicality for Daily Use: Given its focus on track performance, the car may not be as practical or comfortable for regular street driving.
  • High Cost: Both in terms of its purchase price and the cost of maintenance, the Huracán STO SC 10° Anniversario is a significant investment.
  • Exclusivity and Accessibility: As a limited edition model, it might be difficult to acquire due to its rarity and high demand among collectors and enthusiasts.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Like most high-performance sports cars, it’s expected to have lower fuel efficiency, making it less eco-friendly and more expensive to run.
  • The complexity of Maintenance: The advanced technology and specialized components may require more complex and costly maintenance, often needing specialized service centres.

The Lamborghini Huracán STO SC 10° Anniversario is a marvel of automotive engineering, offering exceptional performance, exclusive design, and a strong connection to Lamborghini’s racing heritage. However, these features come with considerations such as practicality, cost, and maintenance that potential owners must weigh.


The Huracán STO SC 10° Anniversario is a sophisticated blend of Lamborghini’s racing pedigree and cutting-edge road car technology, marking a milestone in high-performance automotive design and engineering.

Overall, the Huracán STO SC 10° Anniversario is not just a car; it’s a celebration of Lamborghini’s racing heritage, a showcase of engineering brilliance, and a symbol of the seamless integration of track technology into road vehicles. It stands as a testament to what can be achieved when the boundaries between race cars and road cars are blurred.


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