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Kramer Motorcycles was started in 2009 as a leisure activity in Germany.There initial objective was to build a prototype of racing bike for there own-self.In 2014 however this leisure activity turned into a starting point of company.

In 2009 Christof, Markus and Nico started to build there own Supermono for race purpose.

These first SuperMonos were called EVO1. The HKR EVO2 is therefore its successor and already includes four years of pre-development through experience gained on the EVO1 model.


They build there first model as “HKR EVO2″ where “HKR” stands for the first letter of the last names of Christof Henco , Markus Krämer and Nico Rothe.

Kramer Motorcycles has some beautiful lines to say “Innovation and motivation cannot be bought or acquired from the outside. This only comes from within, through challenges – responsibility – authority – and the freedom to make mistakes. Striving for perfection is our drive, our passion and the mistakes made along the way are the foundation of Krämer Motorcycles “.

Offcourse it is Kramer’s foundation as well.Right now Kramer is present in UK and US via dealerships with two race models HKR EVO2S and HKR EVO2R.Kramer has also started with a new innovative idea on providing track bikes on rent which is something new and Markus talks more below in his interview.

Markus Kramer, Executive Director, Kraemer Motorcycles

1.How did you created the power to weight ratio of HKR EV02 RR so well which is 90hp to 125 kg of weight?
Markus Kramer :
The KTM 690 engine is already a strong engine in stock configuration. We gain the power mainly true a bigger bore and higher rpm. Of course there are more things involved, in the end it is always the combination of many little things to archive a great performance. Regarding the chassis weight.

The most saving is not the choice of materials it’s the general packaging and structure of the bike. This does not mean that we are so much smarter then the big manufactures, the main point is that our bike is a purpose build race bike and the demands for the development are totally different compare to a bike which is develop for the road use.

One simple example almost every street bike is build to carry two persons and because a race bike is build for a rider only you can already save quite a few kg in the general chassis structure if you do it smart.

2.Do you have any plans to build electric motorcycle?
Markus Kramer :
The answer is maybe. We have a close eye on this development and we working on concepts and building up our know how about this segment. The fact is that the current technology is not at a level that you can commercialize it, but “times are changing and you better start swimming or you sing like a stone” (Bob Dylen, clever man ).

In fact for mini motos we already see the success for electric bike and the new generation which is growing up with e-bike have a totally different point of view on this topping then we do.

3.How did you think of coming with a model which rents track bike? I think it’s first of its kind where rider can rent and also get personal technical assistance.
Markus Kramer :
The main reason is to get people on our bike. You can supply all the technical data and people see that is a light bike, but they have no idea how it actually feels riding this bike on a track. It is so different to a standard street bike and how should you know without experience it. I always say the best way to describe the “HKR EVO2”: It is like a Moto3 for adults.

4.What are your expansion plans?
Markus Kramer :
We are currently developing a twin cylinder race bike for the middle weight class. This bike will be competitive against SSP600 bikes or Moto2 bikes. And also for this new model, which is called “GP2”, our goal is to bring GP riding experience of a purpose build race bike to everybody.

5.Do you also plan to bring any naked bike ?
Markus Kramer :

6.How do I see Kramer 5 years down the line.
Markus Kramer : Our focus and strength is the racing world and beside giving our customers race and championship winning motorcycles, we want to deliver the joy of riding a purpose build race bike to as many people as possible and offering a complete portfolio from young to old or from beginner to professional.

About Bikes

Krämer HKR EVO2 S comes standard with everything you need to be competitive on the track. The S spec features an 80hp KTM 690 LC4, race-focused chassis, tunable suspension, selectable engine mapping, and advanced braking systems.

Krämer HKR EVO2 R starts with the same race-ready components as the S plus an upgraded 80hp KTM 690 LC4 engine, a superior braking package and forged wheels.

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