Jim Cramer's False Statements About the Tesla Cybertruck Are a Good Omen

Jim Cramer’s

In the ever-evolving world of electric vehicles, opinions and forecasts come in thick and fast. One such forecast recently came from Jim Cramer, a prominent financial personality known for his bold takes on the stock market and individual companies. His latest target: Tesla’s much-anticipated Cybertruck. As the EV giant gears up to launch this futuristic pickup, Cramer’s comments on the vehicle have stirred the pot, especially given his track record on Tesla.

Tesla Cybertruck

  • Jim Cramer’s View: The financial commentator, Jim Cramer, expressed negative views about Tesla’s Cybertruck on CNBC. He mentioned several inaccuracies:
    • He claimed the Cybertruck was priced at “$100k”, even though Tesla had not announced the official pricing. This seemed to be based on online rumours.
    • He commented that the payload capacity of the Cybertruck was less than that of his Ford Maverick. This was incorrect as the Cybertruck’s listed payload capacity is 3,500 pounds, which is 2,000 pounds more than the Maverick’s 1,500 pounds.
Tesla Cybertruck-Leaked-Report-Teslas

Payload Capacity

  • Elon Musk’s Reaction: Elon Musk responded to Cramer’s comments on X, a social media platform he purchased. He jokingly remarked, “This is a good omen! Inverse Cramer never fails.” This suggests that Musk believes when Cramer predicts failure, the opposite typically occurs.
  • Cramer’s Past Record on Tesla: The article touches on Cramer’s fluctuating stance towards Tesla. At one point, he was very positive about Tesla and its dominance in the EV sector. However, he later shifted his sentiment. His recent scepticism about Tesla’s capability to produce and deliver 50,000 Cybertrucks, despite having a reservation list of 1,000,000 orders, was pointed out.

The Tesla Cybertruck is designed for a broad range of consumers and applications. Here’s a breakdown of who the Cybertruck might be for:

  • Eco-conscious Consumers: Those who are environmentally conscious and want to reduce their carbon footprint will be attracted to the Cybertruck as it’s an all-electric vehicle, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional gasoline-powered trucks.
  • Tech Enthusiasts: Tesla is known for its cutting-edge technology. Consumers who are excited about the latest tech features, such as Tesla’s advanced driver-assistance systems (like Autopilot), the futuristic design, and the unique user interface, would be drawn to the Cybertruck.
  • Adventurers and Outdoor Enthusiasts: With its off-road capabilities, the Cybertruck is suitable for those who enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, boating, or off-roading. The truck’s rugged design and features like the adjustable air suspension make it suitable for various terrains.
  • Work Use: Individuals or businesses that require a durable and robust vehicle for hauling and towing will find the Cybertruck’s high payload and towing capacity appealing. This includes contractors, farmers, and others who might typically use a truck in their line of work.
  • Early Adopters: There’s a segment of consumers who love to be the first to have the latest products, especially something as distinctive and novel as the Cybertruck. Its unique design ensures that it stands out on the road.
  • Traditional Truck Owners: Some traditional truck owners might be enticed to make the switch to electric, especially if they see the benefits of lower maintenance costs, potential fuel savings over time, and the performance advantages that electric vehicles can offer.
  • Safety-focused Consumers: Tesla vehicles are often rated highly for their safety features. Consumers who prioritize safety might be attracted to the Cybertruck due to Tesla’s reputation in this area and the truck’s durability claims, such as its exoskeleton construction.
  • Fans of Tesla and Elon Musk: Tesla has a dedicated fan base, and many of its followers are eager to support the company’s mission and its CEO, Elon Musk. For these individuals, the Cybertruck is another opportunity to be part of the Tesla ecosystem.

Pros of the Tesla Cybertruck:

  • All-electric, zero-emission powertrain
  • Impressive performance, with 0-60 mph acceleration in under 3 seconds
  • High payload and towing capacities
  • Unique and futuristic design
  • Spacious interior with seating for up to six adults
  • Advanced technology features, including a massive touchscreen display and autopilot semi-autonomous driving system

Cons of the Tesla Cybertruck:

  • Long production and delivery times
  • Still under development, so there may be some early production issues
  • Unique design may not be to everyone’s taste
  • Range may be reduced when towing or carrying heavy loads

Additional pros:

  • Low maintenance costs
  • Access to Tesla’s Supercharger network
  • Potential for tax breaks and other incentives

Additional cons:

  • Limited availability of charging stations in some areas
  • Potential for battery degradation over time
  • Lack of traditional pickup truck features, such as a bed extender or tailgate step

Production Estimates

  • Conclusion: The article critiques Cramer not for his scepticism, but for presenting incorrect facts. It emphasizes the importance of accuracy in such discussions.

This altercation between a major business figure and a financial commentator underscores the importance of thorough research and accurate reporting in the media. It also highlights the quickness with which misinformation can be spread and the importance of companies and their representatives in correcting any inaccuracies.

Opinions in the financial world can often sway public sentiment, but they come with the responsibility of being well-informed and accurate. Jim Cramer’s recent remarks on the Cybertruck serve as a reminder of this crucial aspect. While scepticism is a healthy part of any discourse, basing it on incorrect data can lead to misleading narratives. In the age of rapid information dissemination, it becomes all the more important for public figures and companies alike to ensure the accuracy of their claims and to remain vigilant against misinformation.


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