Kawasaki Colour Book

As motorcyclists, we tend to revolve our lives around the thrilling two-wheeled lifestyle. Even when we’re not out on the open road, our thoughts often drift towards motorcycles, our next exhilarating ride, potential upgrades, and everything related to these mechanical marvels. For motorcyclists who are also proud parents, the idea of sharing our passion for two wheels with our little ones can be incredibly exciting.


While the market is filled with kid-focused mini-bikes, there’s a new and unique option available for those moments when you’d rather not leave the comfort of your pyjamas. Enter Kawasaki, one of the world’s most renowned motorcycle manufacturers. But don’t be fooled, Kawasaki’s interests span far beyond motorcycles. Their primary revenue streams come from the heavy industries sector, with motorcycles representing just a small fraction of their operations. With this in mind, Kawasaki has introduced a colouring book that’s not limited to motorcycles but offers a delightful array of options, including trains, excavators, helicopters, and even robots.

You can easily access and download each of these captivating images from Kawasaki’s website (linked below) or simply save the high-resolution images provided in this article. Now, let’s dive into the exciting world of colouring with your young ones. Among the incredible images awaiting your creative touch are some of our favourite Kawasaki motorcycles.


Ninja ZX-10RR KRT

For instance, picture a Kawasaki Ninja 400 racing alongside what appears to be a Bullet Train, a scene that’s bound to spark your child’s imagination. Furthermore, Kawasaki has generously included an image of the previous generation Ninja ZX-10RR KRT edition, allowing you to unleash your creativity and design your unique colour scheme. If you prefer something a bit more exotic, you can also explore images featuring the Ninja H2R and the sophisticated Z900RS, all ready to provide hours of entertainment.

But that’s not all. Kawasaki’s colouring book offers more than just motorcycles. For those seeking a more intricate colouring challenge, you’ll find the Kaleido humanoid robot, a mesmerizing image with hundreds, if not thousands, of individual parts, waiting to be brought to life with vibrant colours. Fans of construction and heavy industries won’t be disappointed either, as you can choose from machinery like a stacker reclaimer and a bucket-wheel excavator.


In summary, Kawasaki’s colouring book is a fantastic way for families to bond over their shared love for all things mechanical and Kawasaki-related. It provides an excellent opportunity for children to express their creativity while gaining insights into various vehicles and machinery. Whether you’re a devoted Kawasaki enthusiast or simply enjoy the art of colouring, this colouring book promises an enjoyable and educational experience for all ages. So, grab your favourite colouring tools, don your Kawasaki gear, and let your imagination run wild with this exciting colouring adventure!


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