Kawasaki to unveil new Z250 and Z400

 Kawasaki to unveil new Z250 and Z400

Kawasaki Japan will bring new paint schemes and graphics for its “Z400” and “Z250”.

The models will arrive from November 6th. For both these modes, we don’t see any change in the specs.


A full-scale super naked machine Z250 has both lightness and strength. The 248 cm³ parallel-twin engine with high output and excellent operability provides a good power feeling in the entire rotation range. 

Besides, a lightweight and slim chassis are for the car body. It has excellent stability, light and natural handling, and easy-to-use handling performance. 

Also, the “Sugomi” design elements common to the Z series form a silhouette and is Kawasaki’s super naked at a glance. It attracts riders with an aggressive and agile image.

Z250 now arrives in Pearl Night Shade Teal x Metallic Flat Spark Black and Candy Cardinal Red x Metallic Flat Spark Black.

There is no change in the price tag, and the Z250 retails at 610,500 yen.


Full-scale super naked machine Z400. The lightweight body is combined with a high-power engine to make the rider feel excited. 

The 398 cm³ engine has a smooth run-up and powerful torque in the low rev range. It realizes engine characteristics that are very easy to handle from beginners to veterans.

 Also, the chassis that realizes excellent stability and high operability acquires more agile handling performance. 

It contributes to the performance of “Sugomi”, a ride that stimulates the five senses that Super Naked Z is proud of. 

The styling inherits the “Sugomi” design, which has a sharp body shape. The sharp styling and unique silhouette will fascinate the rider.

Z400 is available in Candy Lime Green x Metallic Flat Spark Black and Metallic Flat Spark Black x Metallic Spark Black.

There is no change in the price tag, and the Z400 retails at 682,800 yen.


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