Key Points

  • Name: Kia K3
  • Type: Compact car
  • Market: Mexico, South Korea, China, Southeast Asia, Europe, Middle East, Australia
  • Powertrain: 1.6L 4-cylinder engine (122 horsepower, 91 kilowatts) or 2.0L 4-cylinder engine (150 horsepower, 112 kilowatts)
  • Availability: Currently available in Mexico, South Korea, China, Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia. Possible availability in the US in the future


Kia has introduced the K3 as a new small sedan model in Mexico, with potential implications for the US market. The K3 falls in size between the subcompact Rio and the compact Forte, and it shares design elements with other Kia models like the K5.

The interior features a modern layout with a digital instrument cluster and touchscreen infotainment, along with standard wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.



Regarding powertrain options, the K3 offers two four-cylinder engines: a 1.6-liter unit with 122 horsepower and a punchier 2.0-litre option with 150 horsepower. These engines can be paired with either a six-speed manual or automatic transmission.

Kia Forte

While Kia has not officially confirmed whether the K3 will be introduced in the US as a replacement for the Forte, there are indications that this could be a possibility. Kia has rebranded the Forte as the K3 in markets outside of the US, and they have recently undergone a similar rebranding process with the Optima/K5. Given these trends, it wouldn’t be surprising if the K3 eventually makes its way to the US market.

No official announcement

As of now, Kia has not made an official announcement regarding the K3’s availability in the US, and it’s suggested that more information will be revealed in the coming months. It’s important to stay tuned to official announcements from Kia for the latest updates on their lineup and potential model changes.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the Kia K3:


  • Modern design
  • More standard features
  • Available with two four-cylinder engines
  • Potentially cheaper than the Kia Forte


  • Not yet available in the US
  • Unknown fuel economy
  • Unknown safety ratings


The Kia K3 looks like a promising new small sedan. It has a modern design, more standard features, and two available four-cylinder engines. It is also potentially cheaper than the Kia Forte. However, we will need to wait until the K3 is available in the US to get more information about its fuel economy and safety ratings.


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