Kove, relatively fresh in the Chinese small-capacity motorcycle market, has launched a modern cafe racer called the 321F Cafe. This design clearly borrows a leaf or two from the current trend of neo-retro motorcycles.

Platform and Engine:

Platform: The 321F Cafe shares its base with Kove’s 300cc roadsters, the Cobra 321 R and the 321 RR sportbike.
Engine: All three models are powered by a 321cc parallel-twin engine that appears to be inspired by Yamaha’s design. The engine delivers 41.5 horsepower at 10,500 RPM.


Performance and Specifications:

Weight: The wet weight is approximately 153 kilograms (337 pounds, including a full tank of gas).
Power-to-weight Ratio This bike meets the A2 license restriction for Europe, producing about 0.268 horsepower per kilogram.
Top Speed: Kove claims a top speed of 170 km/h (around 105 mph) in its sixth gear.
Gearbox: A six-speed gearbox is standard.

Chassis and Features:

Swingarm: A unique single-sided swingarm is featured.
Suspension: The motorcycle is equipped with an upside-down telescopic fork and a centrally-mounted mono-shock.
Tires: The front tires are 110/70 R17 and the rear tires are 150/60 R17.
Wheels: For the classic cafe racer touch, the bike has wire-spoke wheels.
Brakes: Anti-lock brakes are standard with a 320-millimetre single disc at the front and a 240-millimetre disc at the back.
Wheelbase: 1,390 millimetres, suggesting that the 321F Cafe offers a nimble ride.

Design and Features:

Design: The design seems to be a blend, reminiscent of Husqvarna’s aesthetics and hints of Honda’s Hawk11.
Additional Features: The bike sports a TFT gauge cluster, and LED lights wrapped in a neo-retro style.


The 321F Cafe is priced at 24,300 CNY, which translates to approximately $3,340 USD considering the current exchange rate.

Here are some pros and cons of the Kove 321F Cafe Racer:


  • Affordable price
  • Modern engine with good performance
  • Lightweight and nimble handling
  • Attractive neo-retro styling
  • Good standard equipment, including ABS, TFT gauge cluster, and LED lights


  • Unknown brand reliability
  • Not available in all markets
  • Limited luggage capacity
  • Uncomfortable for long rides


The 321F Cafe by Kove is a promising addition to the current crop of neo-retro motorcycles, combining performance specs with appealing aesthetics at a competitive price point.



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