From Kove’s Press Room

We roared onto the European scene with our debut at EICMA 2023, marking a groundbreaking moment for our brand. Our high-performance motorcycles, the result of tireless innovation and passion, took the spotlight in Milan, the heart of the motorcycle world. To the sound of revving engines and the sight of sleek designs, we unveiled our vision for the future of motorcycling.

The reception we received was beyond our expectations, filling our hearts with gratitude. Join us as we recount our electrifying journey and the unexpected wave of global favour that greeted us.

Here are the top key points from the press release:

  • KOVE MOTO is a leading Chinese motorcycle brand that provides consumers with high-performance, high-quality, and large-displacement sports motorcycles.
  • KOVE MOTO made a stunning debut at EICMA with four new models: 450RALLY EX, 800X RALLY, MX450, and E-MX.
  • The motorcycles were well-received by the public, and shouts of exclamation echoed throughout the exhibition hall.
  • The company’s first EICMA show was a success.
  • The motorcycles were well-received by the public and media.
  • The 800X Super Adventure was a particularly popular model.
  • Kove is committed to continuing to focus on the performance of its motorcycles.
  • The company plans to launch its products on the international market as soon as possible.

EICMA 2023

We kicked off our first European showcase with a roar at EICMA 2023, introducing our high-performance motorcycles to an international audience. The response was nothing short of phenomenal. Heartfelt thanks pour out to our fans worldwide for embracing our products with such enthusiasm.

As we unveiled our latest innovations, the energy at our stand was palpable. The 800X Super Adventure took centre stage, drawing crowds and acclaim. It wasn’t just the press that got excited — fans thronged to get a feel for the 800X, confirming its star status.

Our general manager’s voice echoed across the exhibition as over 25 media outlets sought his insights. This spotlight translated into a surge of attention for our brand, signalling a triumphant entry into new markets.


This adventure at EICMA 2023 was enlightening. We recognized the areas where we shine and identified those where we’ll grow. Our commitment to performance is unwavering, and we are doubling down on our efforts to refine our motorcycles further.

The journey doesn’t end here. We’re now gearing up to bring our motorcycles to the international market with full force. Stay tuned for the next chapter where speed meets innovation, and our bikes meet your streets.

Absolutely, when reflecting on your experience at a major event like EICMA 2023, it’s beneficial to consider the advantages and disadvantages. Here’s an assessment of the pros and cons:

Pros of Showcasing at EICMA 2023:

  • Global Exposure:
  • Presenting your products at EICMA, one of the most prestigious motorcycle shows in the world, gives your brand a spotlight on the global stage, reaching a diverse international audience.
  • Media Attention:
  • Garnering interest from over 25 media outlets can significantly increase brand visibility and can lead to increased brand recognition and credibility.
  • Direct Feedback:
  • Engaging with customers and fans firsthand provides valuable insights into consumer preferences, allowing for more customer-focused product development.
  • Market Testing:
  • The opportunity to showcase new models like the 800X Super Adventure and receive immediate public and press feedback is a powerful form of market testing.
  • Networking Opportunities:
  • EICMA provides a venue to connect with industry partners, suppliers, and potential distributors, which can be invaluable for future business expansion.

Cons of Showcasing at EICMA 2023:

  • High Costs:
  • Participating in a major trade show involves significant expenses, including the cost of the booth, transportation of vehicles, staff travel, and accommodations.
  • Intense Competition:
  • EICMA is flooded with the latest and greatest from every major motorcycle brand, making it a challenge to stand out in the crowd.
  • Overwhelming Scale:
  • The sheer size of the event can be overwhelming, and without a strategic approach, your message might get lost amidst the noise.
  • Risk of Intellectual Property Exposure:
  • By showcasing new designs and technology, there is a risk that competitors may copy or quickly adapt to your innovations.
  • Resource Allocation:
  • The resources devoted to preparing and attending the show might strain other areas of the business, especially if your team is not large enough to handle simultaneous tasks effectively.

Electric motorcycles

While the pros of showcasing at an event like EICMA usually outweigh the cons—especially for a brand looking to expand its international presence—it’s crucial to prepare strategically to mitigate potential drawbacks. A well-executed presentation and follow-up strategy can maximize the positive impact of the event.


KOVE MOTO’s debut at EICMA is a significant event, as it marks the company’s entry into the European market. The four new models that were unveiled represent a wide range of motorcycle types, from the off-road-focused 450RALLY EX and 800X RALLY to the motocross MX450 and electric E-MX. This suggests that KOVE MOTO is committed to offering consumers a variety of high-performance and high-quality motorcycles to choose from.

The fact that the motorcycles were well-received by the public at EICMA is a positive sign for KOVE MOTO. It suggests that there is a demand for the company’s products in the European market. The shouts of exclamation that echoed throughout the exhibition hall are also a testament to the excitement that the motorcycles generated.

Overall, KOVE MOTO’s debut at EICMA was a success. The company’s new models were well-received by the public, and it is clear that there is a demand for KOVE MOTO motorcycles in the European market. It will be interesting to see how KOVE MOTO performs in the European market in the years to come.


As the dust settles on an unforgettable week in Milan, we take a moment to reflect on the journey that was EICMA 2023. Our hearts are racing with pride, fueled by the overwhelming support from fans and the media alike. The 800X Super Adventure, our showstopper, not only captured imaginations but also signalled our readiness to take on the global market.

We are more motivated than ever to fine-tune our creations, ensuring that the motorcycles we bring to you embody the pinnacle of performance and design. Watch this space as we accelerate into the future, bringing the spirit of adventure and cutting-edge technology to streets around the world. Thank you for riding this wave with us. The journey has just begun, and it promises to be exhilarating.


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