The 2024 KTM 125 Duke has undergone a substantial upgrade, featuring a striking new design and significant hardware enhancements. Let’s delve into the key updates and features that set this model apart:

KTM 125 Duke [2024] Right Side View


  • The bike showcases a futuristic design reminiscent of the 2024 390 Duke, boasting an attention-grabbing appearance.
  • The headlamp has been boldly redesigned to make a more pronounced visual statement.
  • The fuel tank extensions sport sharper and more muscular contours, exuding a sense of aggression.
  • The rear section of the bike stands out with its lack of body panels, revealing the revamped sub-frame.
  • The visual impact is further elevated with the introduction of a new and vibrant orange and black paint scheme.


  • The hardware of the bike has undergone a comprehensive overhaul, resulting in improved performance and handling.
  • A brand-new steel trellis frame has been incorporated, delivering enhanced structural rigidity and stability.
  • The sub-frame has been crafted using pressure die-cast aluminium, contributing to both strength and weight savings.
  • The suspension system features an offset monoshock sourced from WP, promising an enhanced riding experience through improved comfort and control.
  • A newly designed curved swingarm adds to the bike’s dynamic aesthetics and performance capabilities.
  • The bike now rides on lighter alloy wheels inspired by the new RC series, coupled with Michelin Road 5 tires for superior traction and grip.
  • Braking duties are effectively managed by a 320mm front disc and a 240mm rear rotor.
  • The bike comes equipped with a modern TFT dashboard, providing riders with a clear and informative display.
  • Embracing the brand’s sporty ethos, the dual-channel ABS system can be selectively deactivated for the rear wheel, enabling spirited riding.


  • Powering the 2024 KTM 125 Duke is the tried-and-true 124.9cc liquid-cooled engine.
  • This powerplant generates an output of 14.7bhp of power and 11Nm of torque.
  • The engine is mated to a seamlessly shifting six-speed gearbox, ensuring a smooth and responsive ride.

India-Spec Model:

  • The version tailored for the Indian market might exhibit variations from the international model.
  • To ensure affordability, KTM may opt for budget-friendly components without compromising core features and design.
  • This strategy aligns with the goal of offering a compelling and accessible entry-level sportbike to the Indian audience.


In summary, the 2024 KTM 125 Duke emerges as a standout entry-level sportbike, characterized by its revamped design, upgraded hardware, and modern features. Its striking resemblance to the 390 Duke, incorporation of advanced elements like the TFT dashboard, and the flexibility of the ABS system contribute to its allure for young riders and enthusiasts alike.



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