The Eccentrica Lamborghini Diablo Restomod is a project by the Italian startup Eccentrica, aimed at modernizing and enhancing the legendary Lamborghini Diablo while preserving its original spirit and aesthetic DNA.

Limited to 19 units

The Restomod build series will be limited to only 19 units worldwide, and each car will be produced on a built-to-order basis, allowing customers to customize their vehicles to create unique specimens. The restored features various modifications and upgrades both externally and internally.



Inspired by GTR-spec Diablo

Externally, the Diablo Restomod draws inspiration from the GTR-spec Diablo, with a widened bodywork for a more contemporary stance. The entire suite of bodywork, except for the windshield, has been reworked, incorporating new elements such as a front splitter, side skirts with integrated aero fins, a rear diffuser, and Diablo SV-inspired rear intake scoops. These components are crafted from exposed carbon fibre.

The hood has also been redesigned, featuring new headlight housings with square projector-style LEDs and dual horizontally-running daytime running lights (DRLs). The car sports custom carbon fibre mirrors and flared fenders at all four corners, providing space for a new set of 19″ five-arm wheels wrapped in track-ready Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tires. The rear diffuser partially shields an aluminium exhaust system from CAPRISTO.



The construction of the Eccentrica Restomod revolves around a heavily modified and reinforced steel tube chassis. Carbon fibre and titanium are liberally used throughout the vehicle, and a modern, high-end suspension setup has been paired with the Lamborghini Diablo’s frame. The braking system utilizes six-piston Monobloc callipers developed specifically for the Eccentrica Diablo restomod by Brembo. These callipers act on vented rotors, and the braking hardware incorporates 4D technology, which enhances its performance.

Inside the Diablo Restomod, the interior has been completely reworked, featuring a neo-retro, ’90s-inspired design. The cabin is trimmed in a combination of leather and Alcantara. It includes a bespoke all-digital instrument cluster, all-carbon-fibre trim, a gated stick shift, and a custom tilt-adjustable steering wheel with a carbon fibre neck.



Under the hood, the Diablo Restomod retains the original mid-mounted 5.7-litre V12 engine with significant upgrades and tuning. The engine receives improvements like new valves, camshafts, and other enhanced internals. These modifications result in an impressive power output of 550 horsepower and 442.5 ft-lbs of torque, with the power peak reached at 7,000 rpm and 6,500 rpm, respectively.

The upgraded engine enables the restomod to achieve a 0-60 mph time of 3.5 seconds and a top speed of nearly 210 mph. Despite its racetrack-oriented engineering, the Eccentrica Diablo restomod is fully street-legal.


The pricing for the Eccentrica Lamborghini Diablo Restomod starts at €1,200,000 (~ $1,305,000), excluding the cost of the ’90s era Lamborghini Diablo donor car. Each build requires a 16 to 18-month build time, and customers will have a wide range of configurable options to ensure their car is unique.

Pros of the Eccentrica Lamborghini Diablo Restomod:

  • Modernized Performance: The restomod upgrades Diablo’s original V12 engine, enhancing it with upgraded internals and tuning. This results in an impressive power output of 550 horsepower and 442.5 ft-lbs of torque, allowing a quick 0-60 mph time of 3.5 seconds and a top speed of nearly 210 mph.
  • Unique and Customizable: Each restomod is produced on a built-to-order basis, allowing customers to customize their vehicles according to their preferences. This ensures that each Diablo Restomod is unique and tailored to the owner’s desires.
  • Enhanced Handling and Braking: The restomod features a heavily modified, reinforced steel tube chassis paired with a high-end suspension setup. This improves the handling capabilities of the car. Additionally, the braking system incorporates advanced technology and performance components from Brembo, providing excellent stopping power.
  • Updated Aesthetics: The restaurant-mod’s bodywork draws inspiration from the GTR-spec Diablo and features a wider stance and reworked aerodynamic elements. Using carbon fibre components, such as the front splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser, and intake scoops, gives the car a modern and aggressive look.
  • Improved Interior: The cabin of the Diablo Restomod receives a complete rework with a neo-retro, ’90s-inspired design. The use of high-quality materials like leather and Alcantara, along with the addition of a bespoke all-digital instrument cluster and carbon fibre trim, enhances the interior’s luxurious and sporty feel.


Cons of the Eccentrica Lamborghini Diablo Restomod:

  • Limited Availability: The restomod build series is limited to only 19 units worldwide. This exclusivity means that obtaining one of these vehicles may be difficult, and potential buyers may face long waiting times.
  • High Price Tag: The starting price for the Diablo Restomod is €1,200,000 (~$1,305,000), excluding the cost of the ’90s era Lamborghini Diablo donor car. This makes it an expensive proposition, limiting its accessibility to a select group of buyers.
  • Potential Sacrifice of Originality: While the restomod enhances the performance, aesthetics, and comfort of the Diablo, some purists may argue that it compromises the originality and authenticity of the vintage supercar. Restomodding involves significant modifications, which may not appeal to those seeking a completely authentic vintage experience.
  • Maintenance and Service: As a limited-production, heavily modified vehicle, servicing and maintaining the Diablo Restomod may require specialized knowledge and access to rare parts. This could potentially increase maintenance costs and make finding qualified technicians more challenging.
  • Lack of Legacy Pedigree: Unlike other iconic Lamborghini models, such as the Countach or Miura, Diablo has not garnered the same level of historical significance and nostalgia. While the restomod brings modern upgrades and improvements, it may not carry the same historical weight and desirability as a completely original vintage Diablo.



The Eccentrica Lamborghini Diablo Restomod is a limited-production project aimed at modernizing and enhancing the iconic Lamborghini Diablo while retaining its spirit and aesthetic DNA. It offers several pros, including upgraded performance, customization options, improved handling and braking, updated aesthetics, and an enhanced interior.


However, there are cons to consider, such as limited availability, a high price tag, potential compromise of originality, potential maintenance challenges, and a lack of the same historical significance as completely original vintage models. Ultimately, the decision to invest in the Eccentrica Diablo Restomod will depend on individual preferences, priorities, and budget.


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