The year we’ve just experienced has marked a monumental chapter for us at Automobili Lamborghini, filled with memorable moments and exciting developments. One of the highlights of this exceptional year was our significant presence in China, a market that holds immense importance for our brand.

We had the privilege of celebrating and engaging with our enthusiasts in China, where several sensational events, including Esperienza Giro China and Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asia, took place. These events provided a platform for us to connect with our loyal customers and showcase our passion for innovation and performance.


Moreover, our journey in China extended far beyond mere celebrations. We embarked on a market visit, delving deep into the intricacies of this vibrant and dynamic market. During our visit, we had insightful discussions with high-tech providers, exploring the ever-evolving landscape of digital technology and the unique challenges that lie ahead in the automotive industry.


In this context, it’s essential to emphasize that the cultural differences between Asia and our home base presented a fantastic opportunity for us to learn and grow. Our commitment to understanding and adapting to these differences reflects our dedication to pushing boundaries and embodying the spirit of Automobili Lamborghini.


We had an exciting and eventful year, especially in China, which is a key market for our brand, Automobili Lamborghini. We hosted several sensational events there this year, including Esperienza Giro China and Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asia, among others.

Furthermore, we enjoyed the opportunity to return to China with our board colleagues for a market visit that included several interesting deep dives. We also met with high-tech providers to discuss the evolution of digital technology and the future challenges facing the automotive market.


Addressing the vastly different culture in Asia from our own has been a fantastic opportunity for us, and we have tackled it thoroughly through constant collaboration with our colleagues. I want to give special recognition to Francesco Scardaoni, Region Director of Automobili Lamborghini Asia Pacific, Konstantin Sychev, Managing Director of Automobili Lamborghini in the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, and Macao, and their respective teams.

This is how we expand beyond our boundaries, and this is how we embody the spirit of Automobili Lamborghini.

Pros of doing business in China

  • Large and growing consumer market: China has the world’s largest population, and its middle class is growing rapidly. This presents a huge opportunity for businesses that can cater to the needs of Chinese consumers.
  • Strong economic growth: China is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. This means that there is a lot of demand for goods and services, and businesses have the potential to grow rapidly in the Chinese market.
  • Government support for foreign investment: The Chinese government is supportive of foreign investment, and it has implemented a number of policies to make it easier for foreign businesses to operate in China.
  • Sophisticated infrastructure: China has a sophisticated infrastructure network, which makes it easy to transport goods and people around the country.
  • Low labor costs: Labor costs in China are relatively low, which can give businesses a competitive advantage.

Cons of doing business in China

  • Cultural differences: China has a very different culture from many other countries, and this can make it difficult for foreign businesses to do business there.
  • Complex regulatory environment: China’s regulatory environment is complex and can be difficult to navigate for foreign businesses.
  • Intellectual property protection: Intellectual property protection in China can be weak, which can pose a risk to foreign businesses with valuable intellectual property.
  • Competition from Chinese companies: Chinese companies are becoming increasingly competitive, and this can make it difficult for foreign businesses to compete in the Chinese market.
  • Political risk: China is a one-party state, and the political environment can be unpredictable. This can pose a risk to foreign businesses operating in China.


In conclusion, the year that unfolded has been one of excitement, growth, and meaningful connections for Automobili Lamborghini. Our experiences in China, a key market for our brand, have been particularly noteworthy. From hosting thrilling events to engaging in in-depth market visits and discussions with technology leaders, we’ve reaffirmed our commitment to excellence and innovation.

We owe much of our success in China to the collaborative efforts of our dedicated colleagues, especially Francesco Scardaoni and Konstantin Sychev, and their remarkable teams. Together, we’ve pushed the boundaries of what’s possible, both in terms of automotive excellence and cross-cultural understanding.

As we look forward to the future, we remain unwavering in our determination to expand beyond our boundaries and embrace the diverse cultures and challenges that come our way. This is the essence of Automobili Lamborghini, and we’re excited to continue this journey, embodying our brand’s spirit with passion and enthusiasm.


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