It’s no secret that seven-time Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton is a huge motorcycle fan, and he’s pretty handy on them too. As an avid two-wheeled track day enthusiast, owner of an impressive bike collection, and even co-designer of a limited-edition MV Agusta range, Hamilton’s love for motorcycles runs deep.

Hamilton’s Early Love for Bikes: “Sorry Dad, It’s in My Blood”

According to Hamilton, “I have always loved bikes… When I was younger, I wanted to race bikes, not cars, but my dad wouldn’t let me – he said they were too dangerous… He got me into four wheels rather than two. It was the right choice because if I was racing during the time Vale was there, I wouldn’t have been so successful.” Clearly, Hamilton’s heart has always revved for motorcycles, even if his career sped off on four wheels.

The Hamilton-Rossi Swap: F1 Meets MotoGP

Oh, and remember that time Hamilton rode a MotoGP bike with Valentino Rossi? The duo swapped their respective machines, with Rossi taking Hamilton’s F1 car for a spin. The epic crossover was a fanboy’s dream come true and solidified Hamilton’s biker credentials. “Riding a MotoGP bike was an incredible experience,” Hamilton said. “I have so much respect for those guys.”


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The MV Agusta Connection: More Than Just a Collaboration

Hamilton didn’t stop at just riding motorcycles; he ventured into designing them. Teaming up with MV Agusta, Hamilton co-designed a limited-edition range that turned heads in the biking community. The bikes, with their sleek design and Hamilton’s distinctive flair, sold out quickly, proving that whatever this man touches turns to gold—whether it’s a steering wheel or handlebars.

The Gresini Racing Rumors: Hamilton’s Next Big Move?

Now, Hamilton seemingly has his sights set on buying one of the most storied independent MotoGP teams ever—Gresini Racing. Rumors have been floating around since the start of the Dutch TT weekend at Assen that Hamilton would like to acquire Gresini from its current team boss, Nadia Padovani. One of Hamilton’s inner circle was even believed to have been in attendance with Gresini at Assen.

Why Gresini Racing? A Legacy of Speed and Passion

If you’re a MotoGP fan, as Hamilton is, Gresini is one of the most interesting teams you can set your sights on. Its history dates back to the mid-1990s and has featured riders such as Daijiro Kato, Toni Elias, and Jorge Martin in the lower classes, and MotoGP legends like Sete Gibernau, Marco Melandri, and the late, great Marco Simoncelli. Recently, they’ve had the likes of Marc Marquez gracing their ranks. The team’s legacy is steeped in speed, passion, and a relentless pursuit of victory.

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Hamilton’s MotoGP Ambitions: More Than Just a Hobby?

But something tells me there’s a lot more than Hamilton’s love of motorcycles fueling this decision, and it rhymes with “smiberty mebia.” Yes, Liberty Media, the American mass media company that owns Formula 1, might just be a part of Hamilton’s grand plan. Hamilton’s potential move into MotoGP team ownership could be seen as a way to diversify his interests and invest in a sport that’s close to his heart.

What Could This Mean for MotoGP?

So, what could Hamilton’s potential acquisition of Gresini Racing mean for MotoGP? For starters, it would bring a massive influx of publicity and potentially new fans to the sport. Hamilton’s global fame and appeal could draw in a broader audience, much like how his activism has raised awareness for social issues within F1.

The Financial Aspect: Can Hamilton Make It Work?

From a financial standpoint, Hamilton is one of the highest-paid athletes in the world. His net worth, combined with potential investors and sponsors, could provide Gresini Racing with the resources needed to compete at the highest level. The added investment could see improvements in technology, talent acquisition, and overall team performance.

Hamilton’s Vision: A New Era for Gresini?

If Hamilton does acquire Gresini Racing, it’s likely that his vision will bring fresh energy and ideas to the team. Known for his meticulous attention to detail and relentless drive for perfection, Hamilton could instill a culture of excellence within the team. His experience in F1, combined with his passion for motorcycles, could lead to innovative approaches in team management, race strategy, and rider development.

Gresini Racing: A Team Poised for Greatness

Gresini Racing has always been a team with immense potential. With Hamilton at the helm, they could reach new heights. The combination of Hamilton’s star power and Gresini’s racing pedigree could create a formidable force in MotoGP. Fans can expect thrilling races, groundbreaking innovations, and a renewed sense of excitement around the team.

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The Fan Perspective: Hamilton and MotoGP

For MotoGP fans, the prospect of Hamilton entering the sport as a team owner is electrifying. It’s not just about the potential success on the track; it’s about the story, the passion, and the connection between two of the greatest racing disciplines in the world. Hamilton’s involvement could bridge the gap between F1 and MotoGP, fostering a sense of unity and shared enthusiasm among fans.

The Future: What’s Next for Hamilton and Gresini?

Only time will tell if the rumors about Hamilton acquiring Gresini Racing come to fruition. If they do, it will mark a new chapter in both Hamilton’s career and the history of MotoGP. One thing’s for sure: with Hamilton in the mix, the future of Gresini Racing looks incredibly bright.

So, gear up, MotoGP fans! The possibility of seeing Lewis Hamilton as a team owner is thrilling, and we can’t wait to see how this story unfolds. Whether it’s on four wheels or two, Hamilton’s journey continues to inspire and excite racing enthusiasts around the world.

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