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MV Agusta Superveloce 75 Anniversario sold in few seconds

To celebrate its 75th anniversary.MV Agusta launch of a special, limited-series anniversary model, the Superveloce 75 Anniversario. MV Agusta and Hertz collaborate  2021 Kawasaki ZH2 vs 2020 ZH2 Why Ducati and Kawasaki are two hot game-changers? MV Agusta arrives in UK Reservations officially opened online through the brand’s newly designed website on Sunday, November 15 […]Read More

MV Agusta’s Superveloce arrives in a limited copies

In the year of its 75th anniversary, MV Agusta is ready for a new start. And is celebrating its legacy of leading-edge technology. For its motorcycle enthusiast, MV Agusta brings two important and special goodies. Passionate craftsmanship and timeless elegance with a completely renewed official website, going live on November 12th. And the launch of […]Read More

MV Agusta and Hertz Ride collaborate

MV Agusta and Hertz Ride enter in a new partnership. The partnership allows thousands of moto tourism enthusiasts who tour with Hertz Ride every year to have brand new MV Agusta models available for their next riding experience.  Italjet and KS Group join hands Bahama ride by Deus Ex Machina 350cc Harley Davidson Langen’s two-stroke […]Read More

MV Agusta’s ‘Pursuit of Happiness – Mr Nogues II

After the first heart-stopping video, “Back in Black, Mr Nogues”, went viral with over 5 million views. French stunt champion Thibaut Nogues is back with a vengeance in a new episode inspired by spy movies. “Pursuit of Happiness – Mr Nogues II”, directed by Mathieu Echeverri, was shot on the scenic, devilish hairpin bends of […]Read More

MV Agusta’s stunt act

French stunt rider Thibaut Nogues rides the specially developed Freestyle Division Edition Brutale 800 RR and F3 800 sporting an elegant black, grey and red livery.   The bikes’ special components include a steel protective crash cage, nylon crash inserts, a unique “non-slip” stand up wheelie seat.   A RAW SC-Project titanium exhaust, machined wheels, […]Read More

MV Agusta and Akrapovic join hands

MV Agusta has announced a new industrial partnership with Slovenian premium exhaust systems manufacturer Akrapovič. An agreement was reached to supply of exhaust systems. Exclusively designed and produced for specific MV Agusta models. Akrapovič is a pioneer in the innovative use of titanium and super-alloys. And are at the forefront of carbon-fibre components construction. Founded […]Read More

Why Yamaha should bring the new R6?

The 599cc middle-order Yamaha’s race track weapon R6 was last updated in 2017. The amended 2017 R6 arrived with components like front brakes, new rear shock, a new aluminium fuel tank, magnesium subframe, ABS brakes, riding modes, and traction control and of course the new aerodynamics with close to 8% reduced drag compared to its […]Read More

MV Agusta unveils Monaco Design Studio

MV Agusta is happy to announce the official launch of Monaco Design Studio. The studio specializes to design the unique, one-off models for the brand’s most demanding clientele. The studio stemmed from Monaco’s long-established MV Agusta dealership and caters to the very special, affluent and international clientele. It offers complete personalisation of the brand’s most […]Read More

MV Agusta arrives in Belgium

After the UK, Birmingham showroom. MV Agusta is pleased to announce the launch of a new store in Benelux. Located in La Louvière, in Belgium, close to the French border, MOTORENGA will become the point of reference for passionate MV Agusta fans in the region. To celebrate the opening, a two-day launch event was held […]Read More

MV Agusta Brutale 1000 RR

Based on the extraordinary Serie Oro, limited production has recently begun, the Brutale 1000 RR will bring the same nuances, and carefully balanced choices of style, technical components and dynamic development onto the road. The confidence-inspiring performance was one of the main priorities in designing the new Brutale 1000. Continual increases in maximum power of […]Read More

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