Timur Sardarov

There were discussions and negotiations between KTM and MV Agusta regarding a potential takeover or acquisition.

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The stake

Initially, a North American distribution deal was made, involving KTM acquiring a 25.1-per cent stake in MV Agusta, an Italian brand. This distribution deal and stake acquisition likely allowed KTM to explore further collaborations and business arrangements with MV Agusta.


from left Alessandro Volpini, Timur Sardarov, Brian Gillen e Giorgio Mazzotti

Following the distribution deal, rumours circulated about KTM potentially taking over MV Agusta completely. Executives from Pierer Mobility, the parent company of KTM, expressed their opinions about MV Agusta. Stefan Pierer, a prominent figure in KTM, suggested MV Agusta’s “Lucky Explorer” model was not in demand.

Majority stake

Subsequently, another executive board member of KTM, Hubert Trunken Polz, confirmed to Motorrad magazine KTM intended to acquire a majority stake in MV Agusta. However, the exact timetable for this acquisition was not disclosed.

As per the Motorrad interview. Based on the details, there are discussions and potential plans for KTM to acquire a majority stake in MV Agusta. However, it is mentioned that the five-year contract is still in effect, suggesting any takeover may not happen soon.


The interview also mentions KTM has a right of first refusal. Still, Saradarov, presumably a representative of MV Agusta, stated nothing would change in the next three to four years. Saradarov also expressed a desire not to sell the company at all.

Regarding the Lucky Explorer, Saradarov neither confirmed nor denied its inclusion in the lineup. However, he did confirm the upcoming release of the MV Agusta 950. The partnership between KTM and MV Agusta seems to be progressing well, with Saradarov acknowledging KTM’s aggressive business practices benefit MV Agusta.

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Lucky Explorer

The new model series, MV Agusta LXP, will feature a range of variants, including the Lucky Explorer. It will have a three-cylinder engine and is expected to be globally revealed in late summer of 2023. MV Agusta aims to produce 2,500 to 3,000 units of the LXP this year.

You can refer to the original interview on Motorrad’s website for more detailed information.

Source: Motorrad


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