Macco Motors : Dream Motorcycle Factory

 Macco Motors : Dream Motorcycle Factory

About Macco Motors

Established in  2011, a place to make fantasy of custom building motorcycle works. They are constantly intrigued and pulled enormously with the style of great motorcycles, the great taste and refinement of brands, for example, Triumph, Ducati or BMW among others.

On these line of retro, while building another motorcycle they attempt to join style and that each new creation is extraordinary and restrictive.

They deal with the points of interest to the most extreme, and search for the concordance in structures, regarding the soul of the motorcycles.

Principle of Macco Motors

Consequently, working with the customer on the past plan is crucial for us, so their necessities alongside our specific style live up to their desires.

They fabricate  motorcycles with genuine enthusiasm and cherish what they do”.

Below is my conversation with Jose and Tito of Macco Motors.

1.How did  Macco Motors happen?
Jose and Tito
: Macco Motors are Jose and Tito, and we are based in Cádiz, at the south of Spain. We are two friends since long time, we are like brothers, and we have shared the same passion for four and two wheels since we met more than 20 years ago.

So we together have spent more than 20 years of passion about the automotive world.  Our passion for motorcycles led to start Macco Motors in late 2011, a place where we realize our dreams . And from here, from Cadiz, we export custom bikes worldwide, in UK, Germany, Italy and Miami; because more than the 90% of our work is being done for the rest of the world.

Besides the competition, we have always been interested and we are greatly attracted by the aesthetics of classic bikes; good taste and refinement of brands like Triumph, Ducati and BMW among others. Influenced by the retro look, when building a new bike, we try to combine style and performance, and try to get in each new creation something unique and exclusive.

We care for detail, and look for harmony in curves and shapes, within the spirit of the original bike. Therefore, working with the client on the design is fundamental for us, so that their needs along with our particular style meet their expectations.We build our bikes with real passion. We love what we do.

Although we´re working with all bikes brands from the begining, since we built our nº3 “Dusty Pearl” and nº6 “The Lizard King”, macco Motors is well known becuase of our style in customizing Triumphs Neo classics. This is what customers are asking most, and this is what we´re building for them. Dreams factory….

_MG_0514 _MG_0517 _MG_0518






Macco Nº51

2.With the motorcycle market turning towards electric motorcycle?Do Macco Motors plan to build electric custom motorcycles?
Jose and Tito
: We don´t think so. Producing an electric bike from zero means a high investment and although we´re not in front of the electric bikes we still prefer the fuel engines. But we´re open to customize all the electric bikes we can in the future. Of course. We even want to customize them.

3.Which bike was most challenging for you to build?And why?
Jose and Tito
: That´s a difficult question. We have had some difficult projects. maybe the last difficult one has been our macco Nº45. A Yamaha XSR900 we built in collaboration with Yamaha official and TW STEEL.

We need to put lot of new parts and like machine, even a carbon fiber tank in a record time.

maccomotors_n2_001 maccomotors_n2_005 maccomotors_n2_003






Macco Nº2

4.What is most important thing for you while building custom motorcycles?
Jose and Tito
: Our philosophy when it comes to customizing motorcycles is putting aesthetics and performance work together. We speak with the customer to know what kind of driving he does or advise him when choosing a bike to customize.

We like the retro style and beauty of the bikes from the 60s, 70s and 80s, and when the bike is complete its like giving a new life and a new personality to bike, we feel really satisfied.

So we know what we do. But to get this, first step that is design for us is very important: shapes, colors and all parts must have harmony. Probably we are influenced by Italians and English motorcycles lines, more than other bikes designs. We build our bikes with real passion. We love what we do.

_MG_0480 _MG_0489 _MG_0487






Macco Nº45

5.How is the custom motorcycle market changing these days?
Jose and Tito
: After five years building bikes we find now that the competition is very high because  a lot of new builders came up in different countries. And our designs have been replicated all over the world.

Now the custom scene is more focused on the show than in building bikes for the daily ride.

And the official brands are triying to get his part of the market with new models based on what builders have been doing over the last years.

Honestly we´re missing a bit more of authenticity.

_MG_4618   _MG_4627_MG_4626






Macco Nº55

6.Do you also work on engine when it comes to building custom motorcycle?
Jose and Tito
: Yes if necessary

7.What are your future plans?
Jose and Tito
: Building motorcycles as much as possible.

8.What do you in your leisure time?
Jose and Tito
: We just try to have time with our families and friends and ride as much as possible.

Source : Macco Motors

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