Key Points

  • Mahindra has collaborated with music maestro AR Rahman to create a new sonic identity for its new range of ‘Born Electric’ vehicles.
  • The anthem, titled “Le Chalaang”, has been composed by Rahman and features over 75 unique sounds.
  • The anthem and the new infinity logo were unveiled at Mahindra’s “Futurescape” event in Cape Town, South Africa.
  • The new logo represents the flow of energy and the synergy between the driver and the SUV.
  • Mahindra plans to launch a range of electric vehicles under the “Born Electric” brand, starting with the XUV400 EV in 2023.

Mahindra and AR Rahman

Mahindra has partnered with music maestro AR Rahman to craft a fresh sonic identity for its upcoming line of ‘Born Electric’ vehicles. The renowned ‘Live Young, Live Free’ ad campaign by Mahindra is gaining attention as one of the most impressive campaigns to date.

With the imminent arrival of next-gen EVs, the company has unveiled a new anthem titled ‘Le Chalaang,’ composed by AR Rahman.


Customer Engagement 

AR Rahman, the esteemed composer, has lent his talents to this groovy track. Additionally, Mahindra has meticulously designed more than 75 distinct sounds, tailored for various aspects of their forthcoming EV range.

This dynamic song serves as the launch pad for introducing the new logo of Mahindra Electric SUVs. According to the company, the fresh infinity logo signifies the seamless flow of energy and harmonious interaction between the driver and the SUV.


Sonic Identity

Moreover, it symbolizes the circular track and the concept of intelligent sustainability. This innovative branding strategy positions Mahindra’s EVs uniquely, incorporating cutting-edge elements to resonate with customers and convey their commitment to a greener future.


Mahindra’s collaboration with AR Rahman to create a unique sonic identity and the launch of their ‘Born Electric’ vehicle range signifies a bold step toward innovation and customer engagement. The resonating success of the ‘Live Young, Live Free’ ad campaign and the introduction of the captivating anthem ‘Le Chalaang’ underscore their commitment to creating a lasting impression.


The meticulous crafting of over 75 distinctive sounds tailored for various aspects of the upcoming EV range showcases their dedication to enhancing the driving experience. Furthermore, the unveiling of the new infinity logo, representing the seamless interaction between energy, driver, and vehicle, as well as the circular flow of sustainable practices, solidifies Mahindra’s position as a forward-thinking brand in the realm of electric mobility.

Automotive Industry

As the automotive industry moves towards a sustainable future, Mahindra’s strategic approach to branding and customer engagement sets them apart, promising not only advanced technology but also a holistic and exciting ownership journey. Through this collaboration and innovative branding, Mahindra is poised to leave a lasting imprint on the electric vehicle landscape.


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