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Metisse Motorcycles

In the annals of motorcycle history, few names conjure the same reverence and nostalgia as that of Metisse Motorcycles and the iconic figure, Steve McQueen. The boutique British motorcycle outfit, Metisse Motorcycles, founded by the Rickman brothers in 1959, earned its stripes in the world of custom scramblers and desert sled frames.

Their craftsmanship was so impeccable that it caught the attention of Steve McQueen, the actor and motorsports aficionado, who didn’t hold back in expressing his admiration. Fast forward to today, in a fusion of legacy and modern craftsmanship, Metisse Motorcycles has unveiled a limited edition gem that pays homage to this enduring relationship.

Steve McQueen Desert Racer

The Metisse Motorcycles Steve McQueen Desert Racer Limited Edition is a testament to the legacy and admiration for the original desert sled motorcycles. This replica, built in collaboration with Steve’s son, Chad McQueen, is a reimagining of the iconic bike that Steve McQueen himself so loved.


The Metisse Motorcycles Steve McQueen Desert Racer

  • Limited edition replica of Steve McQueen’s personal Metisse Mk3
  • Hand-built, brazed and nickel-plated chassis crafted from 4130 chrome moly tubing
  • 21″ spoked wheelset shod in Mitas rubber
  • Reconditioned 650cc Triumph TR6 parallel-twin engine
  • Reconditioned four-speed transmission
  • Amal concentric carb
  • High-mount chrome exhaust pipes
  • Five-piece GRP bodywork setup painted in Battleship Grey with McQueen’s authorized signature on the tank
  • Two-up seating option available
  • Road Pack available to make the bike street legal
  • Limited to 300 units worldwide
  • Pricing available upon request

Additional information:

  • Weight: Less than 300lbs (dry)
  • Suspension travel: 7.48″ front, 3.93″ rear
  • Fuel tank capacity: 2.11 gallons

Limited Edition Replica

  • Legacy and Collaboration: The motorcycle was developed in partnership with Steve’s son, Chad McQueen, making it a genuine tribute to the “King of Cool.”
  • Chassis and Suspension: The bike has a hand-built, brazed, and nickel-plated chassis made from 4130 chrome moly tubing. It uses a 21″ spoked wheelset wrapped in Mitas rubber. The bike also features 35mm Ceriani forks in BSA yokes, a 4130 swing-arm connected to Girling reproduction dampers, providing 7.48” of suspension travel at the front and 3.93” at the back.
  • Engine and Transmission: Powering the bike is a 650cc Triumph TR6 parallel-twin engine. This pairs with a reconditioned four-speed transmission. It uses an Amal concentric carb and boasts high-mount chrome exhaust pipes.

650cc Triumph TR6 engine

  • Appearance and Bodywork: The motorcycle sports a five-piece GRP bodywork painted in McQueen’s chosen livery, Battleship Grey. An essential highlight is the actor’s authorized signature emblazoned on its 2.11-gallon tank. This makes the bike an immediate collector’s item.
  • Extras and Authenticity: For those who want a dual seating option, the bike can be equipped with two-up seating. Furthermore, there’s an available Road Pack to make it street-legal. Every purchase comes with a ‘Collection Certificate’ detailing the bike’s serial number and an endorsement from the McQueen estate, ensuring its authenticity.

300 units worldwide

  • Limited Edition: With only 300 units available worldwide, this makes the motorcycle a limited and exclusive piece for collectors and enthusiasts alike.
  • Ordering and Pricing: Interested buyers can order the bike now, although pricing is available only upon request.


The Metisse Motorcycles Steve McQueen Desert Racer Limited Edition is more than just a motorcycle; it’s a piece of art, a testament to a golden era of motorcycling, and a tribute to the “King of Cool,” Steve McQueen. Limited to a mere 300 units, this bike is a symbol of classic design meeting contemporary craftsmanship. For collectors and enthusiasts, it offers an unmatched opportunity to relive a part of motorcycling history, embodying the spirit of the desert, the roar of the engines, and the legacy of a legend. It’s not just a bike; it’s a story on two wheels.

It’s clear that Metisse Motorcycles has poured a significant amount of dedication into recreating this iconic bike. For fans of Steve McQueen or classic desert sled motorcycles, this limited edition offers a unique opportunity to own a piece of history.

Mitesse Motorcycles

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