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Motul has been an innovator and leader in high-performance lubricants for 170 years. MotulTech, a division of the Motul group, specializes in the machining and transformation of metals as well as high-performance lubrication for industrial equipment. 

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By addressing specific industrial constraints with high proficiency, MotulTech has established a crucial role in ARCH Motorcycle’s development of bespoke parts for its line of motorcycles. Motul provides premium metalworking coolant and machining lubricant solutions for ARCH in addition to serving as ARCH’s exclusive provider of lubricants.



Gard Hollinger

“Motul lubricants have found their way into every aspect of our products,” said Gard Hollinger, Co-Founder and Design Director of ARCH Motorcycle. “What started as our trust in Motul for products has transformed into our confidence in it for our manufacturing process. As Motul’s technical partner, we had direct access to their metalworking engineers and set up a Motul Health Check. 

The MotulTech team recommended optimized chemistry explicitly designed for our metals, process and water conditions. After one year, their Stabilis metalworking coolant eliminated staining, a critically important component when machining aluminium, and improved our manufacturing processes. With Motul, our job is faster and easier, delivering an improved product with less post-machining work required.”

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Nolan Browning

“The expansion of this partnership with ARCH Motorcycle, a company that is truly at the forefront of innovation within the motorcycle industry, is fascinating for the Motul and MotulTech family,” said Motul USA Marketing Manager Nolan Browning. “Motul is now involved in nearly every facet of ARCH’s incredible motorcycle range, from machining individual parts and components to ensuring lubrication, protection and performance on the street.”

Motul and ARCH set the highest standards for innovation, performance and reliability in their products for discerning clients who expect the absolute best. This partnership will help motivate Motul to continue pioneering new products engineered to deliver excellent results in motorcycling and manufacturing.

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