KTM and MV Agusta have been partners for quite some time now, and KTM recently upped their stake in the Italian company to 25.1 percent this May. And get this – rumours are swirling that KTM plans to increase their stake even further.

KTM and M V Agusta

KTM has taken over the distribution of MV Agusta’s motorcycles in various markets, including North America, Japan, and Spain. MV Agusta has several locations in Spain and is expanding its dealership network with KTM’s help.

MV Agusta is expanding its R&D and production facility in Varese, Italy, to meet the expected increase in demand. They plan to produce 15,000 motorcycles annually, and their model range is impressive, including the Brutale, Dragster, Turismo Veloce, F3, and Superveloce. You can check out their official website to see for yourself.



With KTM’s involvement in distribution, there will undoubtedly be a surge in the number of dealerships. So keep your eyes peeled for an MV Agusta dealership opening up near you – there will surely be some exciting developments in the coming months.


  • Increased distribution network: With KTM’s involvement, MV Agusta gains access to a wider distribution network, including North America, Japan, and Spain. This allows MV Agusta to reach more customers and expand its market presence.

  • The surge in demand: KTM’s strong presence in the motorcycle industry and its successful track record can potentially lead to increased demand for MV Agusta motorcycles. This partnership may bring more attention and recognition to the Italian brand, resulting in higher sales.

  • Production capacity expansion: MV Agusta’s plans to expand its R&D and production facility in Varese, Italy, indicate a commitment to meet the anticipated increase in demand. This expansion can improve manufacturing efficiency and a yearly production volume of 15,000 motorcycles.

  • Tap into the middleweight segment: MV Agusta’s intention to target the middleweight segment aligns with current market trends. The brand can attract a broader customer base by offering appealing models in this segment and potentially increasing sales.

  • Quality after-sales service: MV Agusta’s focus on providing quality after-sales service ensures customer satisfaction and loyalty. With KTM’s involvement, customers can expect reliable support and assistance throughout their ownership experience.

Superveloce Alpine studio 6


  • Potential dilution of brand identity: As KTM takes over the distribution of MV Agusta motorcycles in various markets, there is a possibility that MV Agusta’s distinct brand identity may be overshadowed or diluted by KTM’s larger presence. Maintaining the unique characteristics and heritage of the MV Agusta brand will be important to preserve its appeal to customers.

  • Limited control over distribution: With KTM handling the distribution, MV Agusta may have less control over how its motorcycles are marketed and sold in certain regions. This can lead to differences in brand representation and customer experience, which may impact the brand’s reputation.

  • Dependence on KTM’s success: The success of MV Agusta’s distribution strategy relies on KTM’s performance and market reach. If KTM faces challenges or fails to deliver satisfactory results, it could negatively affect MV Agusta’s expansion plans and market penetration.

  • Increased competition within KTM Group: As KTM increases its stake in MV Agusta, it creates a closer relationship between the two brands within the KTM Group. This may lead to increased competition between MV Agusta and KTM’s motorcycle offerings, potentially creating conflicts of interest and challenges in maintaining a clear market positioning for each brand.

  • Market uncertainties: While the partnership with KTM presents opportunities for MV Agusta, the motorcycle industry is subject to market fluctuations and uncertainties. Economic factors, consumer preferences, and unforeseen challenges could impact the success of MV Agusta’s expansion plans and the brand’s overall performance.



The partnership between KTM and MV Agusta brings opportunities and challenges for the Italian motorcycle brand. With KTM’s involvement, MV Agusta gains access to a wider distribution network and the potential for increased demand in multiple markets. The expansion of production capacity and the focus on tapping into the middleweight segment further demonstrate MV Agusta’s commitment to growth.


However, there are potential concerns, such as the dilution of brand identity, limited control over distribution, and dependence on KTM’s success. Additionally, increased competition within the KTM Group and market uncertainties challenge MV Agusta’s prospects.


The partnership with KTM provides MV Agusta with the potential for growth and market expansion. The success of this collaboration will depend on effectively leveraging KTM’s strengths while preserving MV Agusta’s unique brand identity and addressing the challenges that may arise along the way. Time will tell how this partnership unfolds and impacts the future of MV Agusta in the motorcycle industry.

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