The news about the partnership between Italian motorcycle manufacturer MV Agusta and Austrian manufacturer KTM has been a hot topic in the motorcycle industry lately. KTM is becoming more involved in the brand than ever, and there have been differing opinions from both sides.


But one thing is sure: KTM has taken a massive step towards improving MV Agusta’s presence in the North American market by taking over its distribution. This agreement also covers Canada and Mexico, which is excellent news for MV Agusta, as they previously had a limited dealership network in the region.

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The same is true for the Asian market, where MV Agusta’s presence is minimal compared to other European manufacturers. However, KTM Japan has announced that it will start handling MV Agusta’s distribution beginning August 1, 2023. This move aligns with the “global strategic partnership” between Pierer Mobility and MV Agusta. Rest assured that current MV Agusta owners will still receive support for their motorcycles, and the standard warranty of MV Agusta’s bikes sold before the turnover will be preserved.


As the partnership progresses, it’s hoped that MV Agusta’s availability in the region will improve significantly. It’s worth noting that MV Agusta is also revamping its historic factory in Italy, which suggests that the Italian company is preparing for many more touch points than ever before. Overall, this partnership is exciting news for fans of both brands, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for MV Agusta and KTM.

MV Agusta has also been investing in its production capabilities, including revamping its historic factory in Italy. With KTM’s involvement in distribution, it is anticipated that the demand for MV Agusta motorcycles will increase. Therefore, the production facilities need to be expanded to accommodate this growth and ensure a smooth supply of motorcycles to meet the market’s needs.

Strategic Alliance

The partnership between MV Agusta and KTM signifies a strategic alliance aimed at expanding the distribution network and improving the availability of MV Agusta motorcycles in various markets. The involvement of KTM is expected to benefit MV Agusta by increasing its visibility and accessibility to customers globally.

Pros of the partnership between MV Agusta and KTM:

  • Expanded distribution network: KTM’s involvement in the distribution of MV Agusta motorcycles allows for a wider reach and increased availability of MV Agusta bikes in various markets. This can attract new customers and generate more sales for MV Agusta.
  • Access to established infrastructure: KTM has an established distribution infrastructure in different regions, which MV Agusta can leverage. This saves MV Agusta the time and resources to build its distribution network from scratch.
  • Improved customer support: With KTM’s involvement, MV Agusta owners can expect better customer support and service. KTM’s experience in after-sales service and support can enhance the overall ownership experience for MV Agusta customers.
  • Shared expertise and resources: The partnership allows for sharing of knowledge, technology, and resources between MV Agusta and KTM. This can lead to better motorcycles, improved manufacturing processes, and other synergistic benefits.

Cons of the partnership between MV Agusta and KTM:

  • Loss of brand identity: Some enthusiasts and loyal customers of MV Agusta may feel that the partnership dilutes the unique identity and exclusivity of the brand. The influence of KTM’s involvement may impact the distinctiveness that MV Agusta has been known for.
  • Potential conflict of interests: As KTM becomes more involved in MV Agusta’s operations, there is a possibility of conflicts of interest arising between the two companies. Differing priorities or strategies could lead to challenges in decision-making and overall direction.
  • Changes in product characteristics: With the partnership, there might be changes in the design, technology, or overall characteristics of MV Agusta motorcycles to align with KTM’s approach. This could alter the essence of MV Agusta’s offerings, which some customers may not receive well-received.
  • Reliance on KTM’s distribution network: While utilizing KTM’s distribution network can be advantageous, it also means that MV Agusta becomes dependent on KTM for reaching customers. Any issues or changes in KTM’s distribution strategy could impact MV Agusta’s market presence.


MV Agusta and KTM’s partnership offers advantages and potential challenges. On the positive side, the collaboration provides MV Agusta with an expanded distribution network, improved customer support, and access to established infrastructure.

It also allows for sharing of expertise and resources between the two companies. However, there are potential drawbacks, including the risk of diluting MV Agusta’s brand identity, conflicts of interest between the two companies, potential changes in product characteristics, and dependence on KTM’s distribution network.

It remains to be seen how the partnership will unfold and how both companies will navigate these challenges. Ultimately, the success of the collaboration will depend on their ability to maintain the uniqueness and appeal of MV Agusta while leveraging the strengths and resources of KTM.

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