The emergence of X-Wedge into the motorcycle market reflects the ever-evolving Chinese motorcycle industry.

Top Key Points

  • X-Wedge is a new Chinese motorcycle brand that focuses on massive cruiser models and trikes, inspired by big American V-Twins.
  • The brand unveiled five new models at the Moexpo Trade Fair in China, four of which are powered by a massive V-Twin engine with a displacement close to 2,000cc.
  • The fifth model, the Walker WR1000, is a Can-Am-style three-wheeler with a smaller, sportier 975cc V-Twin engine.
  • The four models powered by the big V-Twin engine are:
    • Ranger RX2000: An entry-level cruiser with a hardtail-looking frame and a laid-back stance.
    • Rover RL2000: A full-dresser version of the Ranger RX2000 with a massive front fairing and all the touring amenities.
    • Voyager VS2000: A Ranger RX2000 with a sidecar, with the third wheel also powered.
    • Vanguard VT2000: A three-wheeler with two rear wheels, decked out for long-distance touring.
  • It’s yet unknown if X-Wedge has plans to distribute its products outside of China. The brand has not announced pricing or availability in its local market yet.


Here are some insights into the situation:

1. Diversification of the Chinese Motorcycle Market: Traditionally, the Chinese motorcycle market has been known for producing small-displacement bikes catering to the mass commuter segment. The introduction of X-Wedge, focusing on large-displacement motorcycles, indicates the market’s maturation and its willingness to cater to various segments, including the premium category.


2. Collaboration with Western Entities: The mention of the V-Twin engine derived from the renowned American company S&S suggests that Chinese manufacturers are looking beyond local resources and are actively collaborating or seeking inspiration from Western manufacturers. Such partnerships or inspirations can lend credibility and enhance the appeal of the new entrants.

3. Target Audience: By designing large cruiser models and trikes, X-Wedge seems to be targeting a niche audience, possibly enthusiasts and those who are inclined towards luxury and leisure biking. This contrasts sharply with the typical image of Chinese motorcycle manufacturers.

Chinese motorcycle industry

4. Styling Cues: The similarities between X-Wedge’s design and Harley-Davidson’s iconic style show that the brand is keen on emulating successful models. While this might draw criticism for lack of originality, it’s a testament to the universal appeal of classic cruiser aesthetics.

5. Potential for Global Expansion: If X-Wedge decides to distribute its products outside of China, it will be entering a highly competitive market dominated by legacy brands with loyal customer bases. Their strategy, product quality, and marketing would play a significant role in determining their success in international markets.

V-Twin engine

6. Challenges Ahead: While the specs and designs sound promising, X-Wedge will likely face challenges in establishing its brand, especially in markets outside China. They’ll need to address issues like build quality, after-sales service, and reliability, which are paramount to customers, especially in the large-displacement category.

7. Opportunities: With the right strategy, there’s potential for X-Wedge to tap into markets in developing nations where the demand for premium bikes is growing. Countries in Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America, where large-displacement bikes are gaining popularity, could be lucrative markets.


The debut of X-Wedge adds another dimension to the motorcycle industry, not just in China but potentially globally. The company’s future moves, especially regarding international expansion and brand positioning, will be keenly observed.

Motorrad Online, Gadget Tendency

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