The Ducati Panigale V2 and V4 Race Replica motorcycles have made a grand entry into the Indian market, igniting the enthusiasm of motorcycle aficionados across the country. These limited-edition motorcycles, adorned with the liveries of Ducati Corse’s MotoGP and WSBK machines, are set to become a coveted possession for many. Available on order, these bikes are not just about aesthetics; they come with a host of special features that make them stand out.

Introduction to Ducati Panigale V2 and V4 Race Replica

Ducati, renowned for its high-performance motorcycles, has once again captivated the hearts of motorcycle enthusiasts with the introduction of the Panigale V2 and V4 Race Replica models. These bikes, available in India, are designed to celebrate Ducati’s success in the MotoGP and WSBK championships. With limited units available, these race replicas are a testament to Ducati’s commitment to delivering excellence and exclusivity.

Ducati Panigale V4 Race Replica

Pecco Bagnaia’s MotoGP Livery

One of the most eye-catching versions of the Panigale V4 Race Replica is the one bearing the livery of the 2023 MotoGP World Champion, Pecco Bagnaia. This version, limited to 236 units worldwide, features the stunning Giallo Ducati (Yellow Ducati) color scheme. The bike is a visual masterpiece, capturing the essence of Ducati’s racing heritage.


Jorge Martin’s Pramac Ducati Livery

Another exciting variant of the Panigale V4 Race Replica is the one with the colors of the MotoGP runner-up, Jorge Martin. Limited to 189 units, this bike showcases the Pramac Ducati livery, making it a desirable collector’s item. The attention to detail in replicating the race livery is commendable, offering fans a piece of the MotoGP experience.

Marco Bezzecchi’s VR46 Racing Livery

For fans of Marco Bezzecchi and the VR46 Racing team, the Panigale V4 Race Replica in his colors is a must-have. With only 72 units available, this bike celebrates Bezzecchi’s third-place finish in the 2023 MotoGP season. The unique livery and limited availability make it a sought-after model among Ducati enthusiasts.

Alvaro Bautista’s WSBK Champion Livery

Ducati hasn’t forgotten its success in the World Superbike Championship (WSBK). The Panigale V4 Race Replica is also available in the livery of 2023 WSBK Champion Alvaro Bautista. With 219 units up for grabs, this version celebrates Bautista’s triumph in the highly competitive WSBK arena.

Ducati Panigale V2 Race Replica

Bulega’s Racing WorldSSP Livery

The Panigale V2 Race Replica is equally impressive, available in the livery of Racing WorldSSP rider Bulega. Limited to 111 units, this bike captures the spirit of WorldSSP racing. The livery, combined with the Panigale V2’s performance, makes it a formidable machine on both the road and the track.

Special Features of the Panigale V2 and V4 Race Replicas

While the Panigale V2 and V4 Race Replicas are mechanically identical to their standard counterparts, they come with a range of special features that enhance their appeal:

Nine-Disc Dry Clutch

Both the Panigale V2 and V4 Race Replicas are equipped with a nine-disc dry clutch, offering improved performance and a distinctive sound that Ducati fans love. This feature not only enhances the bike’s racing credentials but also provides a unique riding experience.

Homologated Akrapovic Exhaust

The homologated Akrapovic exhaust system is another standout feature of these race replicas. Known for its high-quality performance exhausts, Akrapovic has provided a system that not only boosts power but also adds to the bike’s aggressive soundtrack.

Adjustable Billet Aluminium Rizoma Foot Pegs

Riders can fine-tune their riding position thanks to the adjustable billet aluminium Rizoma foot pegs. This customization ensures that each rider can achieve their optimal riding posture, enhancing comfort and control.

GPS Module for Lap Time Monitoring

For those who take their bikes to the track, the GPS module is a valuable addition. It allows riders to monitor their lap times accurately, helping them to improve their performance and track their progress.

Extensive Use of Carbon Fibre

The use of carbon fibre is prevalent across the Panigale V2 and V4 Race Replicas. From the front brake ducts to the rear mudguard and alternator cover, carbon fibre not only reduces weight but also adds a premium look and feel to the bikes.

Expected Prices and Availability

While the prices for these limited-edition models are yet to be announced, estimates suggest that the Panigale V2 could be priced around Rs 35 lakh, while the Panigale V4 may range between Rs 55-65 lakh. Given their exclusivity and the premium features on offer, these prices reflect the value and desirability of the bikes.


The introduction of the Ducati Panigale V2 and V4 Race Replica motorcycles in India is a significant event for motorcycle enthusiasts. These limited-edition models, with their stunning liveries and special features, offer a unique blend of aesthetics and performance. Whether you are a fan of MotoGP, WSBK, or simply a lover of high-performance motorcycles, these race replicas are sure to impress.

With their limited availability, owning one of these bikes means becoming part of an exclusive club of Ducati owners who appreciate the brand’s racing heritage and commitment to excellence. As we await the official price announcement, the excitement and anticipation for these bikes continue to grow.


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