Le Repaire Des Motards, Furygan

The Furygan Marlon X Kevlar jacket is a stylish, protective motorcycle jacket designed for street riders who prioritize fashion and safety.

It features a design that resembles a casual overshirt, complete with a collar and a snap flap covering the zipper. This design allows the jacket to be worn as a motorcycle-specific garment without drawing attention.


The Marlon X Kevlar jacket is made from an abrasion-resistant 600D polyester synthetic fabric with Furygan’s “Skin Protect” technology to achieve its lightweight construction and casual appearance. This technology enhances the jacket’s durability and protective qualities. Additionally, the jacket includes an inner liner with Kevlar fibre reinforcements on the elbows and shoulders, further enhancing its abrasion resistance.


Regarding impact protection, the jacket incorporates slim yet effective protectors made of D3O material. D3O is a specialized material known for absorbing and dissipating impact forces, making it ideal for motorcycle armour.


The jacket comes with D3O protectors as standard for the shoulders and elbows, and it also has a pocket to accommodate a back protector. Combining these protective features allows the jacket to meet the class AA PPE certification according to the EN17092:2020 standard.

Comfort is also considered in the design of the Marlon X Kevlar jacket. It includes gussets behind the shoulders, providing a natural range of motion and enhancing overall riding comfort. The jacket features three outside pockets for daily essentials and two internal pockets for additional storage space.

The Marlon X Kevlar jacket is available in khaki and black. It is offered in sizes ranging from S to 4XL. The pricing for the jacket starts at 189.90 Euros, approximately $207.

Pros of the Furygan Marlon X Kevlar jacket:

  • Style: The jacket has a casual overshirt design, making it fashionable and suitable for street riders who prioritize style.
  • Safety: The jacket incorporates D3O shoulder and elbow protectors, which offer effective impact protection. It also has a pocket for a back protector, allowing for enhanced safety.
  • Abrasion Resistance: The 600D polyester synthetic fabric with “Skin Protect” technology and Kevlar fiber reinforcements on the elbows and shoulders provide excellent abrasion resistance, offering protection in case of a slide or fall.
  • Lightweight Construction: Despite its protective features, the jacket is designed to be lightweight, ensuring comfort during rides.
  • Comfort: The gussets behind the shoulders allow for a natural range of motion, enhancing riding comfort. The jacket also includes multiple pockets for convenient storage of daily essentials.
  • Certification: The Marlon X Kevlar jacket meets the class AA PPE certification according to the EN17092:2020 standard, ensuring its compliance with safety standards.

Cons of the Furygan Marlon X Kevlar jacket:

  • Limited Color Options: The jacket is available in only two colours, khaki and black, which may not suit everyone’s style preferences
  • Price: While the jacket offers a combination of style and safety, the pricing starting at 189.90 Euros (approximately USD 207) may be considered relatively high compared to other motorcycle jackets.
  • Limited Size Range: The available sizes for the jacket range from S to 4XL, which may not accommodate all body types and sizes.


The Furygan Marlon X Kevlar jacket offers street riders a compelling combination of style, safety, and comfort. Its simple overshirt design allows it to blend seamlessly with everyday fashion, while its protective features, such as D3O armour and abrasion-resistant materials, prioritize rider safety.

The lightweight construction of the jacket and gussets behind the shoulders provide a comfortable riding experience. Furthermore, it meets the class AA PPE certification, ensuring compliance with safety standards.

However, the limited colour options, relatively high price points, and limited size range may be potential drawbacks for some individuals. Overall, the Furygan Marlon X Kevlar jacket is a well-rounded option for riders who want a stylish and protective motorcycle jacket without compromising on safety or comfort.

Le Repaire Des Motards, Furygan

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