New Kove 800X Adventure

The emergence of Kove, a Chinese motorcycle manufacturer, in the global market in 2022 marks a significant entry into the competitive motorcycle industry. Despite its recent inception, Kove has been rapidly expanding its product line.

The company’s latest venture into the mid-size adventure (ADV) segment with the 800X Adventure reflects a growing trend in this category, popularized by models like KTM’s 790 and 890 Adventure, Yamaha’s Tenere 700, and Aprilia’s Tuareg 660.

Summary of the Kove 800X Adventure:

A new mid-size adventure bike from Chinese manufacturer Kove:

  • Engine: 799cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin with 96.5hp and 80Nm torque. Similar to CFMoto 800MT and KTM 790 series engines.
  • Suspension: Long-travel setup with 210mm front and 245mm ground clearance (standard). Pro and Rally models have longer travel and higher ground clearance.
  • Brakes: Twin 310mm discs up front and a single disc at the back.
  • Features: Slipper clutch, dual-channel ABS with traction control, steering damper, full-colour TFT display, LED lights, crash bars, aluminium belly pan.
  • Versions: Standard, Pro, and Rally. Pro has adjustable KYB suspension and higher ground clearance. Rally has even higher travel and ground clearance.
  • Price: Standard: €8,990 ($9,783), Pro: €9,790 ($10,653), Rally: €12,980 ($14,125) (Rally available in fall 2024).
  • Availability: Italy currently, with other markets to follow.

Mid-Size Adventure Motorcycle

Kove’s 800X Adventure aligns with the typical formula seen in middleweight adventure bikes, offering both off-road capabilities and touring amenities. The bike features a 799cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, parallel-twin engine, similar to the CFMoto 800MT and the KTM 790 series, producing 96.5 horsepower and 80 Nm of torque. It boasts a top speed of 210 km/h.

The suspension system, provided by Yu-An, offers substantial wheel travel and ground clearance, catering to off-road conditions. The bike also features a 21-18 wheel combination with CST off-road tires, twin 310 mm front rotors, and a single rear rotor for braking. Additional features include a slipper clutch, dual-channel ABS, traction control, and a steering damper as standard.

799cc Parallel-Twin Engine

Stylistically, the Kove 800X Adventure draws inspiration from rally designs, featuring LED lights, crash bars, an aluminum belly pan, and a full-colour TFT display. Kove offers three versions of the 800X Adventure – Standard, Pro, and Rally – each with varying levels of suspension travel and ground clearance, tailored to different off-road and on-road performance needs.

In terms of pricing and availability, the Standard model is priced at 8,990 euros in Italy, with the Pro model slightly higher at 9,790 euros. The Rally version, set to be released in fall 2024, will be priced at a premium of 12,980 euros.

Off-Road Motorcycle

Key Analysis

Analyzing Kove’s entry into the mid-size adventure motorcycle segment with the 800X Adventure, several key points emerge:

  • Market Positioning: Kove has strategically positioned the 800X Adventure in a growing segment dominated by established models like the KTM 790/890 Adventure, Yamaha Tenere 700, and Aprilia Tuareg 660. This positioning suggests confidence in competing with well-known brands, indicating Kove’s ambition to establish a global presence.
  • Product Strategy: The 800X Adventure follows a familiar formula in the mid-size ADV segment, balancing off-road capability with touring features. This approach is aimed at appealing to a broad range of riders seeking versatility in their motorcycles.
  • Technical Specifications: The bike’s 799cc engine, which shares architectural similarities with CFMoto 800MT and KTM 790 series engines, positions it competitively in terms of power and performance. The inclusion of advanced features like a slipper clutch, dual-channel ABS, and a steering damper as standard reflects a focus on delivering a high-quality, feature-rich product.
  • Design and Features: With rally-inspired styling and features like LED lights, crash bars, and a TFT display, Kove is targeting riders who value both aesthetics and functionality. The varying suspension setups and ground clearances across the Standard, Pro, and Rally models demonstrate a tailored approach to different riding preferences and conditions.
  • Pricing Strategy: Kove’s pricing strategy, particularly in the Italian market, shows a competitive approach. The pricing of the Standard and Pro models is in line with mid-range offerings in this segment, while the premium price for the Rally model reflects its enhanced features.
  • Challenges and Opportunities: Entering a competitive segment poses challenges, especially for a new player like Kove. Brand recognition, reliability perceptions, and network establishment (like dealerships and service centres) are crucial areas where Kove will need to focus. However, the growing popularity of the mid-size ADV segment presents significant opportunities for market penetration and brand growth.
  • Global Market Impact: The introduction of the 800X Adventure in global markets like Italy indicates Kove’s commitment to international expansion. This move could be a bellwether for future strategies in other regions, testing market reception and establishing a foothold outside of China.

Kove Motorcycles

Pros and Cons

EnginePowerful and torqueySimilar to other bikes in the segment
SuspensionLong-travel and adjustable (Pro and Rally versions)May be too soft for some riders
BrakesPowerful with dual-channel ABS and traction controlNA
FeaturesSlipper clutch, steering damper, TFT displaySome features may be missing on the standard version
VersionsStandard, Pro, and Rally to suit different riding stylesThe rally version is significantly more expensive
PriceCompetitive compared to other mid-size adventure bikesNA
AvailabilityCurrently only available in ItalyMay take some time to reach other markets

The Kove 800X Adventure marks the Chinese manufacturer’s ambitious entry into the mid-size adventure motorcycle segment. This model blends off-road prowess with touring comfort, featuring a 799cc, liquid-cooled, parallel-twin engine producing 96.5 horsepower. It competes with established names like KTM, Yamaha, and Aprilia, offering advanced features like a slipper clutch, ABS, and a steering damper.

With rally-inspired styling and three versions—Standard, Pro, and Rally—each tailored for varying off-road capabilities, the 800X Adventure is priced competitively, showcasing Kove’s strategic positioning and commitment to expanding its global presence in the motorcycle industry.


Overall, Kove’s launch of the 800X Adventure represents a significant step in its expansion strategy, positioning the brand in a competitive and popular motorcycle segment. The success of this model will depend on factors like market acceptance, reliability, and the ability to establish a strong global presence.

Kove’s entry into the mid-size ADV market with the 800X Adventure highlights the brand’s rapid growth and alignment with current market trends, offering a competitive option in a segment that continues to attract significant interest from motorcycle enthusiasts.

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