Lexus has unveiled the initial details of the forthcoming second-generation LM MPV in India, marking its entry into the Indian market with this luxury vehicle, closely linked to the Toyota Vellfire.

The bookings for the LM MPV have also begun today. While the first-generation LM was exclusively available in China, this new version brings its opulent features to Indian customers.


Key features of the new Lexus LM:

  • 4- or 7-seater configuration
  • Airline-style recliner seats
  • 48-inch TV
  • 23-speaker surround-sound audio system
  • Pillow-style headrests
  • Fold-out tables
  • Heated armrests and ottomans
  • Several USB ports
  • Wireless phone chargers
  • Reading lights and vanity mirrors
  • Fridge
  • Rear gloveboxes

More key features

  • Umbrella holder
  • Dimmable glass partition
  • New voice control system
  • Overhead console with door, storage compartment and cabin temperature controls
  • Two-part sunroof
  • Separate smartphone-style control panel for rear passengers
  • Sound deadening and insulation
  • Digital rear-view mirror
  • Panoramic-view monitor
  • Digital infotainment system
  • Digital dials
  • A suite of ADAS functions
  • 2.5-litre, four-cylinder self-charging hybrid powertrain

Luxurious Interior

The upcoming LM MPV is built upon Toyota’s GA-K modular platform, which it shares with the Toyota Vellfire and other models in the Toyota-Lexus lineup. The front fascia showcases the latest iteration of Lexus’ signature oversized grille, complemented by sleek LED headlights and stylish vertical fog lamp housings in satin silver.

The LM’s profile boasts a generously proportioned glasshouse, featuring subtle creases along its length to mitigate the flat appearance. In contrast, the rear design is minimalist, highlighted by a boomerang-shaped LED light bar.

Advanced Technology

In terms of dimensions, the LM measures 5,130mm in length, 1,890mm in width, and 1,945mm in height. It offers sliding doors on both sides and rests on 17-inch or 19-inch alloy wheels.

Hybrid Powertrain

Luxury is paramount in the LM, which will be available in both 4-seater and 7-seater configurations in India. The 4-seater variant features a partition separating the driver and passenger compartments. It offers opulent airline-style recliner seats, a sprawling 48-inch TV, a state-of-the-art 23-speaker surround-sound audio system, and plush pillow-style headrests.

Passengers also benefit from fold-out tables, heated armrests, ottomans, multiple USB ports, wireless phone chargers, reading lights, vanity mirrors, a fridge, rear gloveboxes, and an umbrella holder.

Moreover, a dimmable glass panel on the partition provides privacy, and the rear passengers enjoy a separate control panel resembling a smartphone interface. This control panel facilitates adjustments for climate, seat functions, interior lighting, window blinds, and audio settings.

Niche segment

Lexus prioritizes sound insulation and comfort, equipping the second-gen LM with a specially designed headliner, noise-reducing wheels and tires, and active noise control through microphones to eliminate extraneous sounds.

A new voice control system tailored to rear passengers is also introduced, and an overhead console manages doors, storage compartments, and cabin temperature. Furthermore, a dual-part sunroof adorns either side of the overhead console.

Internationally, the LM (350h) is powered by a self-charging hybrid powertrain, encompassing a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine. This hybrid setup delivers a maximum combined output of 250hp and 239Nm of torque, channeled to all four wheels. While the exact powertrain for the Indian market remains undisclosed, it’s anticipated to align with the 350h version to maintain similarity with the Toyota Vellfire.


  • Luxurious Interior: The LM MPV offers an opulent interior with features like recliner seats, a 48-inch TV, and a premium surround-sound audio system, providing passengers with a lavish travel experience.
  • Advanced Technology: The vehicle boasts advanced technology such as a voice control system tailored for rear passengers, a smartphone-style control panel for climate and seat adjustments, and a dimmable glass partition for privacy.
  • Hybrid Powertrain: The self-charging hybrid powertrain provides a balance between performance and efficiency, offering a combined output of 250hp and 239Nm of torque, with power delivered to all four wheels.
  • Sound Insulation: Lexus prioritizes passenger comfort with sound insulation measures, including a specially designed headliner, noise-reducing wheels, and active noise control through microphones, ensuring a serene cabin environment.
  • Niche Segment: The LM occupies a unique position in the luxury MPV segment, catering to a specific market seeking premium travel and comfort.


  • Higher Pricing: As a premium luxury vehicle, the LM MPV is likely to have a higher price point compared to other vehicles in the market, making it less accessible for budget-conscious buyers.
  • Limited Market Appeal: The LM’s luxurious features and higher price may limit its appeal to a niche market segment, potentially affecting its overall market penetration.
  • Size and Maneuverability: The LM’s large dimensions could make it less manoeuvrable in congested urban areas and parking spaces, potentially posing challenges for city driving.
  • Hybrid Complexity: While the hybrid powertrain offers efficiency benefits, the integration of hybrid components could potentially lead to higher maintenance costs and complexity in the long run.
  • Competition: The LM faces competition from other luxury brands and models in the premium MPV segment, requiring it to continually innovate and offer compelling features to stand out.


The Lexus LM and Toyota Vellfire hold a unique position within the luxury MPV segment, offering an exclusive travel experience. Given the Toyota Vellfire’s pricing range between Rs 1.20 crore to 1.30 crore (ex-showroom), the LM’s pricing is projected to exceed this, reflecting its premium positioning.


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