Are you in the market for a new roadster? With the release of the Royal Enfield Guerrilla 450 and the Triumph Speed 400, the competition is heating up. These two bikes are turning heads, but how do they stack up against each other? Let’s dive in and see what each bike has to offer.

Engine and Performance: Powerhouses Compared

Royal Enfield Guerrilla 450: A New Contender

The Royal Enfield Guerrilla 450 is the latest addition to the roadster segment. It boasts a robust 452cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine that churns out an impressive 39 BHP at 8,000 rpm and a peak torque of 40 Nm at 5,500 rpm. Paired with a 6-speed gearbox, this bike promises smooth shifts and plenty of power for both city commutes and highway cruising.

Triumph Speed 400: A Proven Performer

On the other hand, the Triumph Speed 400 comes with a slightly smaller 398cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine. Despite its smaller displacement, it doesn’t lag in performance. The Speed 400 delivers around 40 BHP and 37 Nm of torque, also mated to a 6-speed gearbox. Known for its refined power delivery and smooth performance, the Speed 400 is a favorite among roadster enthusiasts.


Guerrilla 450

Design and Aesthetics: Classic vs Modern

Royal Enfield Guerrilla 450: Retro Charm

The Guerrilla 450 features a design that is unmistakably Royal Enfield. It combines retro styling with modern elements, offering a perfect blend of classic aesthetics and contemporary functionality. The upright riding position, wide handlebars, circular LED headlamp, and single-piece seat with a split grab handle all contribute to its nostalgic appeal. The bike also sports a telescopic fork and road-biased tires, making it a versatile option for various riding conditions.

Triumph Speed 400: Sleek and Modern

The Triumph Speed 400, in contrast, takes a more modern approach. Its sleek design is accentuated by sharp lines and a minimalist look. The bike features an aggressive stance, with a compact frame and sporty ergonomics. The LED lighting, digital instrument cluster, and premium finishes add to its sophisticated appeal. The Speed 400 is designed to attract riders who appreciate cutting-edge design and modern technology.

Features and Technology: Packed with Goodies

Royal Enfield Guerrilla 450: Keeping It Simple

Royal Enfield has kept the Guerrilla 450 relatively straightforward in terms of features. It comes with essential modern amenities like a circular LED headlamp and a digital-analog instrument cluster. The focus here is on delivering a pure riding experience without overloading the rider with too many electronic aids.

Triumph Speed 400: Tech-Savvy and Feature-Rich

The Triumph Speed 400, however, is packed with features. It boasts a fully digital instrument cluster, ride-by-wire technology, and multiple riding modes. The inclusion of advanced electronics makes it a more appealing choice for tech-savvy riders. Additionally, the Speed 400 offers better suspension components, including an upside-down front fork and a monoshock at the rear, providing superior handling and comfort.

Riding Experience: On the Road

Royal Enfield Guerrilla 450: Smooth and Steady

Riding the Guerrilla 450 is all about enjoying the journey. Its engine provides a linear power delivery, making it ideal for cruising. The comfortable seating position and wide handlebars ensure a relaxed ride, whether you’re navigating city traffic or hitting the open road. The bike’s suspension setup, with a telescopic fork and dual shock absorbers at the rear, ensures a smooth and stable ride over varying terrains.

Triumph Speed 400: Agile and Responsive

The Speed 400 offers a more dynamic riding experience. Its sporty ergonomics and lightweight frame make it incredibly agile, perfect for zipping through city streets or taking on twisty mountain roads. The advanced suspension setup enhances its handling, providing a more connected and responsive feel. The Speed 400’s ride-by-wire system also ensures precise throttle control, adding to the overall riding pleasure.

Speed 400

Price and Value: Getting the Best Bang for Your Buck

Royal Enfield Guerrilla 450: Affordable Excellence

One of the biggest selling points of the Royal Enfield Guerrilla 450 is its price. Royal Enfield has a reputation for offering excellent value, and the Guerrilla 450 is no exception. It is expected to be priced competitively, making it an attractive option for riders looking for a reliable and stylish roadster without breaking the bank.

Triumph Speed 400: Premium Pricing, Premium Experience

The Triumph Speed 400, while more expensive, offers a lot of value for its price. The advanced features, premium build quality, and superior performance justify its higher price tag. For riders who are willing to spend a bit more for a richer riding experience and cutting-edge technology, the Speed 400 is a worthy investment.

Strengths and Weaknesses

When choosing your next roadster, it’s important to weigh the strengths and weaknesses of each model. Here’s a handy table to help you compare the Royal Enfield Guerrilla 450 and the Triumph Speed 400 side by side.

FeatureRoyal Enfield Guerrilla 450Triumph Speed 400
EngineStrengths: Robust 452cc engine, Good torque (40 Nm), Smooth power deliveryStrengths: Refined 398cc engine, Competitive power (around 40 BHP), Ride-by-wire technology
Weaknesses: May not be as refined as Triumph’s engineWeaknesses: Slightly lower torque (37 Nm)
DesignStrengths: Classic retro styling, Circular LED headlamp, Comfortable riding positionStrengths: Sleek, modern look, Aggressive stance, LED lighting
Weaknesses: May not appeal to fans of modern designWeaknesses: May not appeal to fans of classic designs
FeaturesStrengths: Essential modern amenities, Focus on pure riding experienceStrengths: Fully digital instrument cluster, Multiple riding modes, Advanced suspension components
Weaknesses: Lacks advanced electronicsWeaknesses: Higher price point

Let’s dive into the market position of both the Royal Enfield Guerrilla 450 and the Triumph Speed 400, detailing their target audiences, competitive landscape, and how they fit into the current motorcycle market.

Market Position: Royal Enfield Guerrilla 450 vs Triumph Speed 400

Understanding the market position of the Royal Enfield Guerrilla 450 and the Triumph Speed 400 can help potential buyers see where each bike fits into the broader motorcycle landscape. Let’s take a closer look at each bike’s market position.

Royal Enfield Guerrilla 450: Capturing the Retro Roadster Enthusiast

Target Audience

The Royal Enfield Guerrilla 450 is aimed at riders who appreciate classic design with a modern twist. It’s perfect for those who love the nostalgic charm of vintage motorcycles but want the reliability and performance of contemporary engineering. This bike is ideal for both new riders looking for a stylish entry-level roadster and seasoned bikers who enjoy a laid-back, classic ride.

Competitive Landscape

The Guerrilla 450 enters a competitive segment dominated by bikes that offer a blend of retro aesthetics and modern performance. Its main competitors include:

  • Honda CB350
  • Jawa 42
  • Benelli Imperiale 400

Market Fit

Royal Enfield has a strong brand legacy, especially in markets like India and the UK, where classic bike culture is thriving. The Guerrilla 450 leverages this legacy, offering an attractive option for those loyal to the brand and new customers drawn to its timeless design. Its competitive pricing also makes it accessible to a broad audience, reinforcing Royal Enfield’s reputation for providing value-packed motorcycles.

Triumph Speed 400: Appealing to the Modern Urban Rider

Target Audience

The Triumph Speed 400 is designed for riders who crave a modern, tech-savvy motorcycle with a sporty edge. It appeals to urban riders who need a bike that’s agile and responsive for city commuting but also capable of delivering thrills on the open road. It’s particularly attractive to younger riders and tech enthusiasts who value advanced features and premium build quality.

Competitive Landscape

The Speed 400 competes in a segment filled with bikes that emphasize modern design and cutting-edge technology. Key competitors include:

  • KTM Duke 390
  • BMW G 310 R
  • Husqvarna Svartpilen 401

Market Fit

Triumph positions the Speed 400 as a premium offering in the small displacement roadster category. With its advanced features, refined engine, and stylish design, it stands out as a high-quality option. Its higher price point is justified by the superior build and technology, appealing to riders willing to invest more for a richer experience. Triumph’s reputation for performance and innovation helps solidify the Speed 400’s position in the market as a desirable, modern roadster.

Market Position Overview

Both the Royal Enfield Guerrilla 450 and the Triumph Speed 400 carve out distinct niches in the motorcycle market.

  • Royal Enfield Guerrilla 450: Positioned as a value-packed, retro-styled roadster for classic bike enthusiasts. It competes with other vintage-inspired models, offering a balance of classic aesthetics and modern reliability.
  • Triumph Speed 400: Positioned as a premium, modern roadster for tech-savvy urban riders. It competes with other advanced, sporty motorcycles, offering cutting-edge features and superior performance.

Understanding these positions can help potential buyers decide which bike aligns best with their preferences and riding needs. Whether you’re drawn to the nostalgic charm of the Guerrilla 450 or the sleek modernity of the Speed 400, both bikes offer compelling options in their respective segments.

Technical Specifications: Royal Enfield Guerrilla 450 vs Triumph Speed 400

When it comes to choosing between the Royal Enfield Guerrilla 450 and the Triumph Speed 400, understanding their technical specifications can make a big difference. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of their key specs.

SpecificationRoyal Enfield Guerrilla 450Triumph Speed 400
Engine452cc, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder398cc, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder
Power Output39 BHP @ 8,000 rpm40 BHP (approx.)
Torque40 Nm @ 5,500 rpm37 Nm (approx.)
Transmission6-speed gearbox6-speed gearbox
Fuel SystemFuel InjectionFuel Injection
FrameSteel frameSteel trellis frame
Suspension (Front)Telescopic forkUpside-down front fork
Suspension (Rear)Dual shock absorbersMonoshock with adjustable preload
Brakes (Front)Disc brakeDisc brake with ABS
Brakes (Rear)Disc brakeDisc brake with ABS
Wheel Size (Front)18-inch17-inch
Wheel Size (Rear)17-inch17-inch
TyresRoad-biased tyresSporty tyres
Seat Height800mm (approx.)790mm (approx.)
Fuel Tank Capacity13.5 liters14 liters
Weight195 kg (approx.)179 kg (approx.)
Instrument ClusterDigital-analogFully digital
LightingLED headlampLED headlamp and tail lamp
Riding ModesNot availableMultiple riding modes
PriceCompetitive pricingPremium pricing

Key Takeaways

  • Engine and Performance: Both bikes offer competitive power outputs with slight differences in torque, catering to different riding styles.
  • Suspension and Brakes: The Triumph Speed 400 features more advanced suspension components and ABS on both brakes, enhancing handling and safety.
  • Design and Features: The Royal Enfield Guerrilla 450 sticks to a more classic design with essential modern features, while the Triumph Speed 400 incorporates a fully digital instrument cluster and multiple riding modes, appealing to tech-savvy riders.
  • Weight and Dimensions: The Speed 400 is lighter, which can contribute to better agility and handling.
  • Pricing: The Guerrilla 450 is expected to be more budget-friendly, while the Speed 400 commands a premium for its advanced features and technology.When it comes to price, the Royal Enfield Guerrilla will be cheaper than the Himalayan, which starts at Rs. 2.85 lakh (ex-showroom). It’ll go head-to-head with bikes like the Triumph Speed 400, Husqvarna Svartpilen 401, and TVS Apache RTR 310.

Mileage Comparison: Royal Enfield Guerrilla 450 vs Triumph Speed 400

When choosing a roadster, mileage is a crucial factor to consider. Here’s a comparison of the estimated mileage for the Royal Enfield Guerrilla 450 and the Triumph Speed 400.

Royal Enfield Guerrilla 450: Classic Efficiency

The Royal Enfield Guerrilla 450, with its 452cc engine, is expected to offer decent fuel efficiency for a roadster of its class. While official figures are yet to be released, similar models in the Royal Enfield lineup suggest that you can expect a mileage of around 25-30 km/l under standard riding conditions. This makes it a great option for riders looking for a balance between performance and economy.

Triumph Speed 400: Modern Economy

The Triumph Speed 400, powered by its refined 398cc engine, is also expected to deliver competitive mileage. Triumph’s engineering excellence typically ensures efficient fuel consumption. Riders can anticipate a mileage of approximately 28-32 km/l, making it slightly more economical compared to the Guerrilla 450. This efficiency, combined with its advanced technology, positions the Speed 400 as a modern roadster with impressive fuel economy.

Which Bike Wins on Mileage?

  • Royal Enfield Guerrilla 450: Estimated mileage of 25-30 km/l
  • Triumph Speed 400: Estimated mileage of 28-32 km/l

While both bikes offer respectable fuel efficiency, the Triumph Speed 400 edges out with slightly better mileage. However, the choice between the two will also depend on other factors like design, features, and overall riding experience.

Conclusion: Which Bike Is Right for You?

Choosing between the Royal Enfield Guerrilla 450 and the Triumph Speed 400 ultimately comes down to your personal preferences and riding style.

  • If you’re looking for a bike with classic charm, a smooth and relaxed riding experience, and a budget-friendly price, the Royal Enfield Guerrilla 450 is a fantastic choice.
  • If you prefer a modern, tech-savvy bike with sporty performance and don’t mind paying a bit more for premium features, the Triumph Speed 400 will not disappoint.

Both bikes have their unique strengths, making them excellent contenders in the roadster segment. Whether you choose the slim retor appeal of the Guerrilla 450 or the contemporary prowess of the Speed 400, you’re in for an exciting ride.

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