The 2024 24 Hours of Le Mans has been nothing short of thrilling, with Ferrari emerging as the team to beat. Robert Kubica, piloting the #83 car, has led the charge, showing incredible skill and strategy throughout the race.

Robert Kubica’s Stellar Performance

Starting from the 12th position, Robert Kubica quickly made his way up the grid, capitalizing on his soft tires to move into fifth place. His aggressive yet calculated driving style paid off, allowing him to take advantage of early race dynamics and move up the order swiftly.

Strategic Decisions in Changing Weather

The race saw its first major weather challenge a few hours in when rain began to fall. Kubica and his team made the right call, switching to wet tires at the perfect moment. This strategic decision allowed the #83 Ferrari to leapfrog the leading #50 Ferrari and the #6 Porsche, which had started on pole.


Heavy Rain and Crucial Pit Stops

As the race progressed, heavy rain became a significant factor six hours in. While both factory Ferraris chose to stay out, Kubica and the #83 team opted to pit for wet tires again. This decision proved to be pivotal, enabling Kubica to maintain his lead and even lap the #51 Ferrari, which had fallen from fifth to 13th place.

Battling for the Top Spot

The #5 Porsche Penske car emerged as a significant contender, making strategic moves to stay in contention with the #83 Ferrari. Both teams demonstrated excellent racecraft, making the right calls at the right times to navigate the ever-changing conditions on the track.

Toyota’s Comeback Effort

Toyota, too, was not to be underestimated. Brendon Hartley showcased his driving prowess by clawing back significant time on the leading trio, keeping Toyota in the hunt for the top positions despite the challenging conditions.

Alpine’s Early Struggles

Alpine faced a tough start to the race, with the #35 car retiring early. Shortly after the six-hour mark, Mick Schumacher’s car was also out of the race, marking a disappointing performance for the team.

Cadillac’s Fading Challenge

Despite showing early promise, Cadillac’s challenge faded as both full factory V-Series R machines fell back in the order. The team struggled to maintain their pace and position as the race progressed.

LMGT3 Class: BMW’s Rollercoaster Race

In the LMGT3 class, the highly-anticipated #46 BMW made its presence felt at the front. Valentino Rossi led much of his first stint before handing over to Maxime Martin. However, Martin’s mistake during a restart following a full course yellow saw him spin around an LMP2 car, leading to an investigation into the incident.

Valentino Rossi’s Impressive Stint

Valentino Rossi’s performance in the #46 BMW was nothing short of impressive. He managed to stay at the front, showcasing his adaptability and skill in endurance racing, a stark contrast to his illustrious MotoGP career.

Maxime Martin’s Costly Error

Maxime Martin’s error during the restart was a critical moment for the #46 BMW team. His spin around an LMP2 car brought the team under scrutiny and disrupted their momentum in the race.

Safety Car Deployment After Kubica Incident

The race saw its first safety car deployment following a significant incident involving race leader Kubica. Dries Vanthoor in the #15 BMW collided with Kubica, resulting in a major crash and the subsequent retirement of the #15 car.

The Impact of the Safety Car

The deployment of the safety car had a considerable impact on the race dynamics, bunching up the field and providing an opportunity for teams to regroup and strategize for the remaining hours.

Looking Ahead: The Next Hours of the Race

As the race progresses, all eyes will be on the leading contenders, particularly the #83 Ferrari driven by Robert Kubica. The team’s strategic decisions and Kubica’s driving skills have positioned them as strong favorites, but endurance racing is unpredictable, and anything can happen in the remaining hours.

Conclusion: A Thrilling Le Mans Race

The 2024 24 Hours of Le Mans has already delivered excitement, drama, and exceptional performances. Ferrari’s strong showing, led by Robert Kubica, has set the stage for a thrilling conclusion. With several hours still to go, fans and teams alike will be on the edge of their seats, eager to see who emerges victorious in this prestigious endurance race.


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