Yamaha Japan starts pre-order for its 2020 Yamaha Niken GT that had garnered quite an attention due to its three legs. Now comes in two new paint schemes.

Yamaha Niken GT is the leaning multi-wheel.

  • Matte Blueish Gray Metallic 3 (Matte Gray). The inspiration for this new paint scheme comes from YZFR-1 wherein more shade of gray color is been used.
  • Dark Gray Metallic Matte six has a hint of dark red in it. Whereas this is the new paint scheme is more volatile and is expected to attract young crowd.

The new colors and not only vibrant but gets a hint of style that Yamaha has brought into these new paint schemes.


Thus GT now will come in above three paint schemes. The pre-orders are in Japan and are available from today and the other information will be available from January 2020. The price tag of this model is 18,15,000 Yen.

  • The earlier version that had Matte Dark Purplish Blue Metallic 1 (Matte Blue) will be continued to sell.
  • Blueish Gray Metallic 3 (Matte Gray) is.
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