News : Hoversurf and MGM COMPRO partner to bring leading intelligent electronic and more

 News :  Hoversurf and MGM COMPRO partner to bring leading intelligent electronic and more
Hoversurf and MGM COMPRO join hands to bring leading intelligent electronic and propulsion systems to its eVTOL vehicles.


MGM COMPRO’s has made a name for itself working on projects across different fields, clients include: Airbus Group, NASA, Virgin Galactic, Formula 1 and the Army. Their specialties include: Electronic Speed Controllers, Battery Management Systems, Propulsion Systems, Batteries, Chargers and much more.

About Hoversurf:

In only 3 years Hoversurf has shown 5 hoverbike models, 2 versions of its heavy lift cargo drone and is near completion of its v1 taxi vehicle: “Formula”. Hoversurf holds IP on its Venturi Engine, custom built flight computer and more.

These incredible feats show that when you bring dedicated individuals with a similar goal of changing the world together, anything is possible.

This Strategic Partnership is to extend our relationship to present and future projects and to set up long haul collaboration in the fields of intelligent hardware and drive in eVTOL vehicles. The association will recognize potential open doors that would be valuable to the two gatherings and clients using ATAAS (air transportation as an administration).

Hoversurf over that previous couple of years has made the first (F.A.A. section 103) and most exceptional hoverbike vehicles. The nonstop advancement of its hoverbike and innovation has delivered the S3 2019 Limited Edition show, which joins probably the most recent advances and additionally top of the line modern assembling process’s.

Vehicles like the S3 2019 hoverbike change the manner in which individuals imagine the eventual fate of transportation, giving individuals get to more than ever. With this new type of transportation, another dimension of innovation is required. MGM COMPRO brings long periods of experience, most noteworthy quality assembling and progressed electronic frameworks to Hoversurf’s vehicles.

“Development, Experience, Passion experience each bit of hardware we make. This is the reason we generally convey extraordinary highlights, parameters and remarkable specialized arrangements with the attention on the specific last detail. We will probably totally satisfy desires for our clients from numerous zones of industry – e.g. flying, military, producing, control building and so on. Inventive reasoning, vision, encounter and solid drive to meeting your prerequisites”. MGM COMPRO.

Since its establishing in 1991 MGM COMPRO has been centered around advancement and creation of forte gadgets, being one of the primary organizations on the planet with improvement and assembling of processor based speed controllers for electric engines. MGM COMPRO from that point forward has cooperated and worked with organizations all inclusive guaranteeing their clients with quality, extraordinary highlights, parameters and specialized arrangements.

The organization started working intimately with Hoversurf in mid 2016 to help make a custom electronic speed controller fit for conveying the required power for a human automaton. Quick forward a couple of years and MGM COMPRO has made custom Industrial Battery Cell Packs, Electronic Propulsion Systems, Intelligent Battery Management Systems and substantially more for Hoversurf. These mechanical progressions have placed Hoversurf in a main position with regards to eVTOL air ship.

Hoversurf and MGM COMPRO will presently work nearer than any time in recent memory to make full electronic impetus frameworks that are designed to be more secure and more productive than what is as of now accessible. Hoversurf being an eVTOL innovation organization with different abnormal state licenses sees this association as a need for future development and advancement. With our declaration of new vehicles coming mid 2019, this organization will go more remote than just hoverbikes, taking into consideration a radical new line of vehicles.

“I am satisfied we can join forces with an industry pioneer like MGM COMPRO. This is the kind of vital relationship that will keep us at the front line of the eVTOL showcase.” Steve Weinstein, CEO.

Source : Hoversurf

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