News : Indian Motorcycle files patent for new motorcycle called ‘Raven’

 News : Indian Motorcycle files patent for new motorcycle called ‘Raven’

After FTR1200 Indian Motorcycle has documented a trademark application for name “Indian Raven” as a potential name for another model. The application was documented today with the European Union Intellectual Property Office for the proposed utilization of the “Indian Raven” stamp for a “bike and auxiliary parts therefor.” We anticipate that a comparative recording should accompany the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in the following week.

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The trademark application uncovers next to no subtleties, past Indian’s aim to utilize the name. That abandons us to theorize on what the Indian Raven could be, founded on what we are aware of Indian’s present model lineup and classification.

The trademark recording was for the words “Indian” and “Raven” together, so we can presumably discount a Scout variation, generally the documenting would be something along the lines of “Indian Scout Raven.” Likewise, we expect the name is for another Chieftain variation, else it’d be something like “Indian Chieftain Raven.”

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It’s conceivable the new model could be a bagger or a tourer like the Springfield or Roadmaster, yet the Raven name barely evokes pictures of a heavyweight cruiser. The utilization of a fowl, particularly a moderately little one like the raven, would propose something a lot littler and lightweight. That abandons us with the FTR1200.


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