News : Is KTM coming with two cylinders motorcycles?

News : Is KTM coming with two cylinders motorcycles?

KTM CEO has been assuring for quite a long time that he will keep on restricting the scope of bikes to machines with one and two cylinders.

“The topic is a 790 experience,” says Pierer. “We need to move 15,000 of them one year from now; the white collar class is winding up increasingly essential. In this fragment we will come to different models, a SMT, etc. In the 500 cc class, we will bring a two-cylinder machine, which is made by our accomplice Bajaj in India and with which we go up against the Japanese. Development is going on in the developing markets today, and in these developing markets ‘premium’ is the mid-scope of 500 to 800 cc. »

Can the KTM idea extremely keep going for a greatest of two barrels if even Ducati now offers a V4 cruiser out of the blue?

Pierer: “To have the capacity to offer a three-cylinder, Triumph would need to go to our group, which I avoid, as much as my Indian accomplice tries. The four-cylinder is presently a Ducati topic, with Ducati effectively going under weight. »

“I have an enthusiastic association with Ducati,” guarantees the KTM CEO. “Ducati will be Ducati, there’s nothing to shake about that. The main brand that would fit us is Ducati. Everything else you can overlook. MV Agusta is excessively little. »

Incidentally: KTM has been preparing the X-bow sports vehicles with Audi motors for a considerable length of time.

In any case, the VW amass has paid in 2011 around 740 million euros for Ducati. Will you ever get that sum?

Pierer: “Audi may before long have different needs than a bike plant because of the diesel issue and e-versatility. Ducati is the Ferrari of the cruiser business. Obviously, having such a brand in our gathering would intrigue. It’s anything but an issue of cost, however it is about the subject: When does everybody acknowledge in which circumstance he is. New homologation challenges anticipate us – for instance, we have Euro 5.

In 2024, the issue of commotion will come up. It is additionally in the statistic improvement in Europe. Today you need to go to Asia with the cruiser business, to India. On the off chance that you are not effective there, you will in the end be no more. Ducati isn’t worried about the price tag, yet with the inquiry: ‘How might I end up more grounded together?’ Time will tell… ”

Source : Speedweek

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