The most unmistakable part of the diligent work done over the winter is the new RS-GP, the advancement of the youthful task (conceived in 2016 and in this way the most youthful on the matrix). It currently has a forceful, dark attire which is expressly reminiscent of Aprilia convention.

The specialized and plan foundations that make the Aprilia MotoGP bike exceptional have been reconfirmed, beginning from the four-cylinder motor with its selective thin V design, joined with the consistent gearbox that was created in-house. Both of these segments have been additionally developed, while the frame engineering, which has dependably been the brand’s crown-gem, presently has totally new arrangements.

Heres Bradley Smith testing the 2019 Aprilia RS-GP on Sepang Cicuit, Malaysia.


Pic Source : Aprilia
Video Source : 15r1m

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