Between October 4 and 11, 2023, RM Sotheby’s will auction Formula One champion Nigel Mansell’s Legacy Collection, including a notable motorbike-related item—a 2020 BMW R 18 ‘Il Leone Edition’ custom build.

The bike was built by Greg Mansell, Nigel’s son, and Steve “Custom Bike Steve” Burt. They made a number of changes to the bike, including:

  • Altering the ergonomics to channel the spirit of BMW’s race bikes of the 1930s and ’40s.
  • Turning the original solo seat into a dual saddle so the rider can take a passenger.
  • Altering the handlebars.
  • The custom has a hand-painted number plate with the Il Leone Red numeral “5”.
  • Custom finishes and real wood accents.
  • Adding a hand shifter and a foot clutch.


This bike is one of just 31 of its kind, announced by Mansell’s son, Greg, who manages the Mansell Collection. Crafted as a tribute to Nigel Mansell, the bike’s design channels the spirit of BMW’s 1930s and ‘40s race bikes.

RM Sotheby’s Auction

The customizations are comprehensive: transforming the original solo seat into a dual saddle for passenger capability, altering the handlebars, and featuring a hand-painted number plate with the iconic Il Leone Red numeral “5” to honour Mansell’s Ferrari nickname. Custom finishes, real wood accents reminiscent of Mansell’s Williams F1 car’s wooden shift knob, a hand shifter, and foot clutch further distinguish this machine.

This specific 2020 BMW R 18 ‘Il Leone Edition’ will be auctioned without reserve during the RM Sotheby’s event. Estimated to sell for £20,000 to £40,000 ($25,303 to $50,606), this bike represents a unique blend of racing history, craftsmanship, and sentiment that’s sure to captivate collectors and enthusiasts alike.


The upcoming RM Sotheby’s auction of Formula One champion Nigel Mansell’s Legacy Collection presents a remarkable opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts. The spotlight on the 2020 BMW R 18 ‘Il Leone Edition’ custom build adds a unique dimension to the event.

Mansell’s Legacy

With its limited production, intricate craftsmanship, and homage to both racing heritage and Mansell’s legacy, this bike stands as a symbol of passion, innovation, and history. As the gavel falls during the auction, it marks not only the transfer of ownership but also the continuation of the story that these exceptional vehicles tell to all who appreciate the art of engineering and the thrill of motorsport.

RM Sotheby’s, The Mansell Collection

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